Art with endless possibilities 


In 2015, Art Rewards was created and had early learned that art and luxury must work as an improvement and consequence to represent the true beauty and the instructed thoughts

What We Do


Searching for professional artists


Choosing the best of their artworks


Getting an exclusivity limited editions


Using the best printing materials to ensure the  quality

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We don't choose artists. Art choose us!

Over the years, we developed excellent experiences on how to discover and read the cryptic sense of the artwork, then represent it fittingly to the sophisticated art lovers who are always searching for elegance and art inspiration.

We evaluate original artwork from artists of all kinds—from painters to photographers. 
We empower creativity worldwide—and each purchase rewards and returns an artist.

Limited Editions

We believe by individualizing every artwork, generalizing nothing, will preserve the artwork value and beauty 

Unlike traditional art printing services, the artists and we discuss and participate in the best materials and sizes for every artwork to print and reproduce as an original piece 



An aspiration for an excellent idea

Great artists are more distinguished by range and extended than their actual artworks. They learned over the years that no great artist is original.


And if they are consistently representing their artworks without a constructed meaning, the value will be similarly abstract, regardless of the style or the skills



As We are highly passionate about art and its influences, we dedicated our responsibility to search and cooperate with the best-talented artists that we sincerely believe they have actual meaning behind their artworks.

Furthermore, to encourage artists to express more about their motivation and share their art story.

 Meet The Team



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Art Director

Mariana Masnaveeva

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Content Creator

Image by Josep Martins

Marketing Solutions

In addition to providing an online Art store experience and fulfilment management to ensure the quality 

Art Rewards offers all the professional artists, photographers, influencers, and brands with marketing and branding solutions to help clarify, structure, and accelerate their exposure on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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