how to grow art followers on Instagram

Art Followers Art Rewards

The real Art followers are extraordinary, making it easier to find and exclude the loud noise on Instagram.

So how to find and increase your Art followers?

You might find some valuable information here. It will help you to discover the answer,  


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The Algorithm 

how to grow your art followers on instagram

Learn & Grow

​The vast majority on Instagram following the same process and technics, the full picture of the platform looks very simple and easy to use.

 All you need is to create an account and start posting using art hashtags related to your art, or even some don't use art hashtags at all, thinking its a spam.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. To become successful on Instagram, more visitors, Art followers, and engagement need to invest your attention to all details.
Starting from choosing the correct rememberable username and easy to find on search engines to the best posting time on Instagram matches your Art followers' time zone.

It would be best to consider Instagram as either investment or business; any slight error will affect the total income.

The attention to the details is the heart differentiation between those who become top artists on Instagram and others left behind.

Art & Instagram Algorithm

The engagement rate is the only way to show the Instagram algorithm if your Art should be considered one of the most popular or not. And The same principle applies to all categories on Instagram, regardless of the account type or niche.

Unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm knows nothing about Art quality.

To increase your engagement, you need to improve your Art followers numbers. Moreover, they must be real and active.

The number of likes plus the comments your post-receive is the core to improve the Artwork visibility among your Art followers feed and the other users from the Art hashtags.

Sadly, even
fake likes or comments can be counted on the Instagram algorithm as an engagement rate.
But Is it recommended to buy likes or art followers?
Logically not.

Sooner or later, it will trigger an alert on Instagram that you are violating their rules, and you might lose the account permanently. 

attract and increase the art followers

The Engagement

One of the common faults on Instagram that most new artists think and focus only on increasing their art followers without realizing that more followers have a broad interest. Mean less engagement.

The psychology behind this challenge is that most artists need motivation and appreciation for their artwork.

Many fall into the same trap, such as useless solutions that can feed their instant gratification without considering the bad outcomes.

You might notice many artists' accounts have many followers, but the engagement is too low, and on the other hand, some artists have very few followers, but their engagement rate is high.
The only difference between both is the type of art followers they have on their accounts.

An account related to visual arts, for example, should -have a different type of art followers from the abstract art account.

Followers Numbers can be catchy for the eye, but not the ultimate on Instagram to succeed unless they are real art followers.

This simple mistake will be massive damage to the account in the long run.

Fixing the engagement rate on Instagram is the most challenging task.

Art Hashtags

Image by Jerin J

To get discovered by art followers on Instagram, using related and targeted Art hashtags on your Art posts and stories is one of the best techniques you should master. 

By practicing this technique, you can drive more visitors and Art followers.

best art hashtags for abstract art

Famous Art hashtags are an extreme competition worldwide, which means that every second, there is an artist somewhere on the world tagging the same Art hashtag on their artworks.

the pressure and the intense rush of posting around the world,
make it hard for anyone to maintain the artwork visibility on Instagram, on the papular hashtags.

The hashtags algorithm, in general, is functioning similar to the auction system,

bidders are from everywhere,
the more active real art followers you have, who provide you likes and comments, the more your post will get visibility on Instagram Art hashtags as a reward. 

That's how you win the bid. And you increase the account visibility, so you get more art visitors and art followers.

Art Hashtags & Levels

popular Art hashtags such as #art, #artist, #artoftheday, Etc

It might be massive Art hashtags for weak accounts that have low engagement rates.

It is a considerable bit to swallow for these accounts level; if you have a low engagement rate and using such popular Art hashtags, you waste your time, efforts, and materials. 
Moreover, you are gambling for the expected results.

To consider using these kinds of Art hashtags, 
you should have a minimum of
3% as an engagement rate.

how to choose the correct art hashtags

However, many new artists repeat the same mistake - using the most popular hashtags,

assuming it as the best approach to raise their artworks' visibility, Art followers, and Engagement.


Besides, using popular Art hashtags will not help your artwork visibility in some cases, if the Engagement is low. 


​​Keep in mind that Engagement is an Instagram currency.


The more you have, the more you succeed on Instagram.

How to


Art hashtags


There are different methods and advanced techniques to do that based on each Art account level, but let's make as simple as possible,

1. If you have an Art account with a few Art followers. Choose a combination of the small art hashtags that it has less than 500,000 posts.

2. Avoid the popular art hashtags on the beginning,

3. Avoid any of the hashtags apps or websites that generate Art hashtags. Each Art account must have a unique group of art hashtags. Otherwise, you are entering the same rat race circuit,

4. Keep checking if your art hashtags are banned on Instagram, to avoid any shadowban,

5. choose between 20 to 30 max of the Art hashtags,

6. Place the Art hashtags as a comment,

7. Always mix the art hashtags, don't use the same group on every post.

8. Avoid broad art hashtags, be specific when it comes to your art type; it will make it easier for your targeted audiences and art followers to find your Art account,

best art hashtags for modern art

Uncovering the best Art hashtags

The unique formula

I've been helping many artists from all over the world,
I can assuredly say that the successful Art accounts I managed in the past had only one point in common,

The correct Art hashtags companions with a discipline to use only them,

Searching for the best art hashtags matches your Art account level, and updating the list requires some advanced techniques, time, and creativity.

Its the heart of the success on Instagram as an artist and driving more art visitors and art followers.

The Competition

improve your art account on instagram

​Growing your art account on Instagram will increase the possibilities of your earnings.

Regardless of the available ideal or spammy solutions on the market, 
that can increase your engagement, Art followers, etc.
All Instagram users, artists, including you and me, have only one common goal.

It is to succeed on Instagram.

The Primary Method

The fundamentals process is always the same and suitable for any Instagram account.
To grow an account with an entry-level, you might consider starting with the primary method.
Which is increasing your art visitors, then transform them into Art followers.

All the implemented actions ( follow, like, comment, story view, tag, mention) on the Instagram platform have the same purpose.

It is to give the users a notification that someone visited their accounts and took some specific actions.
It can also translate to an invitation to visit and see if we have something in standard, such as Art.

The conflicts behind this powerful strategy are that the Instagram algorithm has changed in 2019, and added more restricted rules regarding hyperactivity or automation,
80% of the Instagram users who ware using automation at that time got damaged. Its because they don't have the experience plus using unreliable programs and bots.

The automation is a useful way to increase your Art followers and the engagement level. 
Moreover, it will save your time, efforts, and the most important is the correct math system behind.

Nowadays, to avoid any action blocks on Instagram or lose your account, you need a reliable experience using any automation system.

Instagram Ads

Growing your art account with Instagram ads can be the ideal solution for driving more art visitors only, then to send them to the main website or a landing page. 

Instagram and Facebook ads are not the perfect solution to increase your art followers unless you have a big budget to spend on ads.

If you don't have experience with Facebook and Instagram ads, you might spend all the budget on a few results.
​You might consider Facebook and Instagram campaign management as a profession; it requires long experience and creativity to master.

Many new artists start ads without previous experience are looking for instant results such as increasing engagement or art followers.

Too expensive to fulfill this shortage.

Art Community

the art community and how to increase ar

It would help if you kept in mind that 80% of your expected Art followers are artists, similar to you, not art collectors or buyers. And that precisely what you need to succeed on Instagram,

The advantages of Building the art community around your Art account will help you faster to your goal, every artist's dream, want to transfer his or her art carrier to the professional level, and sell the art on Instagram.

Those artists who will be your Art followers will keep appreciating and support your Artwork and the likes or comments they will execute. You will receive on your art posts are the engagement you need to succeed as an artist on Instagram.

In other words, they will be the capital ( the engagement )you need to position your Artwork as a real desire for everyone will notice it on the art hashtags.

The Experience 

how to master the Instagram skills

In Martial Arts

An amateur is someone who knows thousands of moves but practicing each move one time.

A master is someone who knows only a few moves, but practices each move thousands of times.

When it comes to Instagram and social media marketing skills, everyone can learn it.

The basics of Instagram marketing is accessible to anyone. 
It is the Same as Colors; anyone can buy and start the Art journey.

The question is: How many mistakes you ready to accept to master a skill without losing the passion? 
And how long you willing to spend on testing to achieve results?

Instagram Art Management

Finding an expert who can help you drive more Art visitors and Art followers to your art account on Instagram. 
This can be one of the best investment scenarios for artists who are serious about their art.

It will create a win-win formula that can be translated into more time and focus on improving your art skills as an artist, rather than discovering everything about Instagram methods from scratch.

The methodology of doing and knowing everything is not the correct way to achieve success with anything; 
the simple math is to sacrifice either with your time or money to accomplish the wanted results on Instagram.

best marketing ideas for art on instagram

The Replicated Success

My name is IYAD; 
I developed extensive experience with audience demographics, Art followers, Instagram algorithms automation, social media psychology, and Instagram/Facebook ads management and scaling.
Over the years, I helped many local Norwegian and international artists, brands, and influencers to increase their potentials on Instagram.
My passion belongs to Art.
I built the confidence and the experience to help the artists who have unique outstanding techniques, but at the same time, they lack the understanding of Instagram marketing skills. 
Moreover, to maximize their art visibility, increasing Art followers and engagement to convert these consequences into the selling Art on Instagram.

I reached sustainable growth with my art page
and I replicated the same results and methods at many other Art accounts,
from increasing the engagement, art followers, art visitors, And guide on how to market and position the Artworks on Instagram.

I saved other artists' time and efforts to search for how, why, and what they need to attract more art visitors and art followers on Instagram.