Art Followers and Art Rewards

The targeted art followers are extraordinary, making it easier or harder to find and exclude the loud noise on Instagram.


So, how can you find them?

You might find some information here that will help you with the answers.  

Instagram tips for artists.


On Instagram, we are all following the same processes and techniques; the full picture of the platform seems very simple and easy to use. Just create an account and start posting using hashtags related to art – that’s it, right?

In reality, this is not the case.


To become a successful artist on Instagram and attract more visitors and art followers, you need to invest your attention into all of the details.
This starts immediately with choosing the correct username to the best posting time on Instagram.

It would be best to consider Instagram as a business; any slight error will impact on the total income.

Attention to detail is the major differentiation between those who become successful artists on Instagram and the rest who get left behind.

Newel Hunter, Fiddle Faddle

Art & Instagram Algorithm

The engagement rate is the heart of the Instagram algorithm.

And, to improve your engagement level, it should be on 2 steps:

.   The Branding phase drives more traffic from the targeted art audience and art followers by using the correct targeted art hashtags. Read more about this important topic on the Exclusive Art Hashtags Program. The full picture of your account will determine the conversation rate of these visitors into art followers.

·    The Interaction phase encourages your old and new art followers to engage consistently with your content, and this is the most challenging task; it requires a lot of thinking and creativity. It might help to take inspiration from other artists' accounts, but please keep in mind that every artist is unique. However,  art followers are almost the same. 

Instagram marketing guide for artists

Art Hashtags & Visibility 

Famous Art hashtags are an extreme competition worldwide, which makes it hard for anyone to maintain visibility with these popular art hashtags.


The art hashtags algorithm, in general, is an auction system. Artists are the bidders from everywhere, but how can you win at this game?

The only answer is the engagement rate.

This means that interactions need to translate into numbers of likes and comments your art posts will receive from your art followers.

The simple formula is: more engagement means more visibility, leading to more visitors and art followers from the art hashtags.


But what if the engagement rate is low?

Annabel Andrews, Untitled

The Art Followers

It would help if you kept in mind that 80% of your expected art followers are artists and precisely what you need to improve your engagement level.

Based on the shared passion, those artists who will be your art followers will keep appreciating and supporting your posts by leaving likes and comments. Consider them as the capital or
(the engagement currency) which will help you rank up on the targeted art hashtags to reach more visitors and art followers.


So, where can you find them? 

In fact, they will find you if you choose the correct art hashtags.

The Correct Art Hashtags

I've been helping many artists from all over the world, and I can assuredly say that the most successful artists that I helped in the past (and who I am still working with) had only one thing in common. That shared success is that they used the correct art hashtags selection with a discipline that was relevant uniquely to them.


Searching for the best art hashtags should match your art account level. Updating the list requires advanced techniques, time, and creativity.

It's the core element that needs to be considered for the artist to drive more visitors and art followers.​

As a simple recommendation, read more about this topic on the exclusive art hashtags program.

Increase Instagram art followers.

Instagram or Facebook

In a word, BOTH.

Together, they make a complete branding selling system—both work side by side. Ignoring one of them is just like driving a car with two wheels. They are both correlated when it comes to the advanced art marketing and selling techniques. 

The Facebook business tool can present limitless opportunities for artists to reach the correct art audiences and art followers based on the analysis provided by Instagram activities, website visitors, art followers, the selling history, the Facebook art page likes, etc.


This sounds interesting, but it requires a reliable amount of experience to reach the target with minimum cost. Indeed, running Facebook ads without good experience and analyses will simply work out as being too expensive.  

Jean-humbert savoldelli, SOPHITEL

Call An Expert

A famous quote from the Martial Arts says:

An amateur is someone who knows thousands of moves but practices each move one time.”​

A master is someone who knows only a few moves but practices each move thousands of times.”


When it comes to Instagram and Facebook marketing skills, the basics are available to everybody. It is the same as with painting, really; anyone can buy and start their journey in art.



But the remaining questions still need to be asked:

How many mistakes you ready to accept to master a skill without losing the passion
And how long are you willing to spend on testing to achieve results?

Increase your art followers on Instagram.

The Replicated Success

I developed extensive experience with art followers/audience demographics, Instagram/Facebook algorithms automation, social media psychology, and Instagram/Facebook ads management and scaling.

Over the years, I have helped many local Norwegian and international artists, brands, and influencers to increase their potential on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
My passion belongs to 

I built the confidence and the experience to help the artists who have unique and outstanding techniques, but at the same time, they lack the understanding of online marketing skills. Moreover, to maximize their art visibility, they need to increasing the number of art followers and engagement to convert these consequences into art sales on Instagram, Facebook, and other online art platforms.


I reached sustainable growth with my art page, @ArtRewards, and I replicated the same results and methods with many other Art accounts. I helped with increasing engagement, art followers, and art visitors, and guiding artists on how to market and position their artwork on Instagram.


Please read more about this topic on the free evaluation page.



Antoine Puisais, Untitled