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Will YU 尤瑋毅

Will YU 尤瑋毅



Will YU 尤瑋毅

Will YU 尤瑋毅


  • Sotheby's New York.

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D.

  • Master of Fine Arts, M.F.A. 


The Taiwanese artist, Will YU (尤瑋毅). The creation of human nature on the subject of life philosophy has been his artistic work for many years. 

We had that imaginary world in our minds when we were little.


He still pursues that wonderful world.

Because art is "here."

Because I am, art is here.

Because art is here, my life truly "exists" people see my dreams rather than telling them.


"I am art"


Nothing is tougher than waving goodbye; We human beings tend to indulge ourselves in our comfort zones in content; living in there happily forever seems terrific. However, this plays the role of shelters and obstacles to our success.


Thus, ‘’leaving’’ becomes a must-do for humankind to integrate things around us. Only when we leave our ‘’shadow’’, the comfort zone that provides us a sense of security, can we truly challenge ourselves to surpass our potential.

Will YU 尤瑋毅

Wars between men and women discovered the unconscious desire in human beings' souls.


Believes that there is another character lying in the unconscious of men or women; This illustrates that no matter men or women, tough or tender, there is an entirely different character lying in our unconscious.


For instance, when we are confronted with limitations, pressure, and oppression in our lives, some people demonstrate an attitude of toughness, resistance, and never stepping back, leaving behind the fact that there are parts of ourselves featuring compromising, negotiating, and consummation.

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