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Tibor Simon-Mazula

Tibor Simon-Mazula


Tibor Simon-Mazula

Tibor Simon-Mazula, a Hungarian artist, works intuitively. He seeks solace in painting's tactile and tangible features. Tibor paints personal dream-like images of persons and locations that are important to him. His works are also influenced by his experience in mathematics and cinematography. His wife, friends, and travel partners are all sources of inspiration for him.



The paintings depict actual everyday scenarios of genuine things and people in their natural surroundings. His subjects include single bathers, a charming character on a sofa, a bending lady, and a family standing on the beach.


His paintings include memory pieces from his life in Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, and California, during which he found and grasped individual identity, solitude, and the yearning for relationships.


His intellectual background is combined with an observational approach. Precisely created random images captured a trice of repeated personal drama and presented obscure settings from a unique viewpoint.

A mysterious figure gazes out the window of a new flat, waiting for her companion, or a lone figure returning home from the daily treks relaxes and recovers.

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