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Within the Jewish culture, the perception of time is divided into two distinct categories: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos derives from ancient Greek philosophy and denotes a linear understanding of time, a physical progression that can be measured. In contrast, Kairos is a more ethereal concept of time, often associated with God's manifestation in the human realm. While today, the term Kairos is typically used to describe a specific opportune moment for action, its initial meaning held a much more profound significance, representing the eagerly awaited moment of divine intervention.

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An artist named 'thekairos' is uncertain about the existence of God and is attempting to confirm it through his artwork, prayer, and trust in the idea that if God were real, He would save humanity. In Greek, the arrival of God is referred to as KAIROSTIME. 'thekairos' is not seeking personal gain and is simply waiting for God to provide him with an opportunity at the appropriate time as per His plan.


During this extended period of waiting, he discovered many flaws within himself such as human limitations, pettiness, and opportunistic tendencies. This led to the creation of the EVE collection, which includes depictions of forbidden fruit and various natural creatures using oil and digital painting techniques. Instead of focusing on precision, he emphasizes free strokes and accidental textures since he believes that art should express emotions and vibes from the soul.

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