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Tatyana Chaar




Tatyana Chaar was born in Russia in 1979 and is currently a visual artist based in New York. She is renowned for her large-scale Flower and Abstract Art, which captures the essence of femininity and the beauty of nature. Her work is a combination of realistic nature-inspired forms and contemporary abstract elements, creating a poetic and soothing experience.


In her quest for more practical artistic expression, Tatyana pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design at The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago. She spent over a decade in the luxury design industry, creating various high-end interior projects internationally. In 2016, she shifted her focus to Fine Art and has since expanded and perfected her art techniques by learning from old masters and contemporary artists in New York, Biarritz (France), and Moscow, among other places.

Tatyana's artworks have been showcased in art shows and galleries in New York City, Upstate New York, Jersey City, and Miami. Her unique style and artistic vision have earned her recognition and praise from art collectors and critics alike. Tatyana's artworks continue to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts around the world.


Tatyana's Statment

"My art is an exploration of the essence of femininity and the delicate interplay between the natural world and the human spirit. With my paintings, I strive to convey the mystery and beauty of these elemental forces, drawing on the rich symbolism of flowers and other organic forms.


I am drawn to the softness and subtlety of oil on canvas, which allows me to create ethereal, dreamlike quality in my work. My palette is gentle and soothing, evocative of the subtle hues of the natural world.


In my paintings, I seek to capture the enigmatic and powerful nature of womanhood, with all its paradoxes and complexities. The flowers I depict are fragile and resilient at the same time; they evoke poetry and strength of feminine spirit.


With every stroke of the brush, I am guided by a deep intuition, a connection to something greater than myself. My art is a meditation on the beauty and mystery of life, an exploration of the infinite possibilities of the human soul.


In a world that often seems harsh and unyielding, my paintings offer a sanctuary, a place of refuge and contemplation. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to connect with their own inner beauty and the magic of the natural world, to find solace and inspiration during life's trials and tribulations."


  • 2023  “Beyond Borders” Artio Gallery, Art Prize International Digital Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

  •  2022  Expometro Miami Billboard Art Show during Art Basel week, Miami, Fl

  •  2019  The Gallery at Rhinebeck Artist Member, Rhinebeck, New York

  •  2018  "Petal Obsession" Solo Exhibition, 313 Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

  •  2018  The Gallery at Rhinebeck Artist Member, Rhinebeck, New York

  •  2018  "ART150" Group Show, Jersey City, New Jersey

  •  2018  "Jersey City Art and Studio Tour at Pershing Field Community Center, Jersey City, NJ

  •  2018  "100for100" Non-Profit Benefit for The Gallery at Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, New York

  •  2017  "SmART Space Studios" Group Show, New York, New York

  •  2017  The Gallery at Rhinebeck Artist Member, Rhinebeck, New York

  •  2017  Artist Residency at Yannick Fournie Studio, Biarritz, France

  •  2016  "SmART Space Studios" Group Show, New York, New York


  • The Museum of Modern Art, New York, In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting, 2022- present

  •  Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York (Online CEUS, Certificate in Art Writing), 2023

  •  The Art Communication School by Julia Sysalova, (Online, Certificate) 2022

  •  School of Visual Arts, New York, NY (Continuing Education in Fine Art and Design), 2016-17

  •  The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, BFA in Interior Design, 2009

  •  Fine Art School for Youth, 5-year program: painting, drawing, sculpture and Art history, 1998

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