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Art Rewards

Featuring your Art on Art Rewards' Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is a prestigious move in positioning your Art profile and joining the unique art selection. 

It has nothing to do with how many Art followers or visitors you will receive.

If you have the best artwork in the world, but none knows about it, then what is the value?


As an artist, you should share and show your artwork with the world, 

And it starts with a simple invitation to your art profile.

improve your art account on instagram

Improve Your Art Account

This plan is ideal for artists who lack experience attracting more art followers and visitors to their profile.

Creating a target list based on the artwork and style will further structure the proper growth and targeting strategy. 

During 30 days, I will be maintaining and assist you with your account:


  1. We will be choosing the right hashtags based on the account engagement level daily.

  2. We will analyze the performance on how to position the profile professionally. 

Ideas require to qualify, posts need to withdraw, the best timing to post on Instagram, and content needs to develop.

From a technical perspective, each Art account is unique by itself; finding exact art followers related to the art account requires a lot of testing and tweaking on the way.

The estimated budget for this project can be between 50$ to 250$ monthly.

Attracting and increasing art followers and engagement on Instagram is the first essential step, but converting this success into selling art on Instagram requires advanced skills, budget, and mindset.


Marketing and sales are Different Animals, and it is vital to understand the difference.


Before branding and marketing, jumping into the sales phase makes it a common mistake between many small businesses and artists.

increase the art followers on Instagram

Sell Your Art on Instagram

To start selling your art on Instagram, you need to combine all the puzzles pieces.

We will compelling and managing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, including scaling the ads on the road and testing all the available possibilities until we reach the point that illustrates the sales.
Its the most challenging part, but once we perceive it, then its a matter of replication.

This project requires hard work from both parties ( me and you ). The corporation is necessary; any lack of communication will reflect on the result.

There is no specific or fixed budget.
Only the website traffic, Facebook, and Instagram history and status can determine the exact budget you need. Moreover, it might be too early for you to start it and consider fixing any exciting issues.

The minimum budget to consider for this type of project is 250$ monthly, and less than that, Technically, it won't work.

Feel free to contact me for more info if you think this is what you need or any other customized requirements, and it will be my pleasure to answer all your concerns.