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Shannon Byers Fogle




Shannon Byers Fogle is a Multidisciplinary Artist from the United States with a limitless understanding of how far she can go. While her main mediums are Photography, Acrylics and Digital Painting, she loves experimenting with new techniques and materials.

Shannon’s Artwork has been described as unique, emotional and forward-thinking in style. Her Artwork is meant to embrace you into your world of thought as a window into alternate realities of space and time.

Inspired by nature and a need for exploration, Shannon left home when she was 16 and travelled across the US.  She then settled down at a young age to raise a family.  She channeled the need for creative expression in many different forms in those years.

Shannon was the General  Manager for the first Whole Food, Vegetarian, and Organic Restaurant in Omaha, NE. She was contributing to what became a Naturalistic and Artistic movement in the Midwest—also setting a stage for Shannon to express herself in a wide range of Artistic mediums.


Shannon was fortunate enough to have a few Artists around her at a very young age who encouraged a wide variety of creativity, such as drawing facial features, watercolour, Plein air, photography, pastels and poetry.


Shannon began constantly writing Poetry and got very much into Music. Other things like Vintage Fashion, Sewing, Mosaic and Art Furniture. 


Being poor can be a unique opportunity. Using whatever you could find as a substitute for the ‘proper tools’ can turn out much more memorable and open you creatively to do things in such a way. Skipping forward, Shannon accredits all of those things to find ways to reimagine her surroundings. She was opening the ability to see the bigger picture and pushing the limits to find exceptional Art within a mundane world.

"Art is the backbone of my soul. It is an expression of my pain, hope and beauty all in one. For me, Art is therapy, my darkness and my light. To release all the sides of myself and express my passion is why I do Art.

Funny that when asked to explain my process, I go blank.  It is very intuitive, and I don’t think I have a set process at all.  Maybe there would be several components to my Art that I generally use, like photography, painting and digital work, just not necessarily in the same order.  I also have things that inspire me to create, like music and nature. One thing that stays the same is the release it gives me.


Art is a therapeutic expression of feelings. It’s like having something build up inside, and it just has to come out. It has taken a huge role in my life towards healing and helps sort through the emotions that come from my physical pain. The emotional scars I carry also become sorted out for me with my Artwork. Then I tried to figure out what I was trying to say; some are more obvious than others.


My Art ranges from things I feel strongly about to very personal experiences and emotions that are my own. In those circumstances, I go through a process of self-analysis. Forced to look at me differently, it’s like a cracked mirror with fragments of truths waiting to be found. 


Dealing with the topics I do, like pain, trauma, or feeling stuck for whatever reason, is sensitive. I think that people deal with so many issues, and can think they are the only ones that feel that way.


I try to leave an “Out” in my work, a light at the end of the tunnel to finding your higher self and in some way offer a form of encouragement to those who need it.  I want to remind people of the feelings we all try to push deep down inside of ourselves.  In those moments it makes me hopeful that they have processed something to guide them towards a better existence. Leaving with a deeper feelings of their own, and to help bring healing, compassion, and commonality to the world.


In my opinion, what my Artwork means to me becomes irrelevant after I put it out for the world to see. In my own Art, the feelings that created a particular Piece change as time goes by. For, as in life, Art is ever changing, and in the eyes of the Observer, it is the connection that they make, and their experiences that matter. 


That is why I show my Art."




  • 2022 - International Publication - Artwork and Poetry, “Goddess Art Magazine” Fall Issue

  • 2022 - Solo Exhibition - “Beauty and Chaos” Cochise College in Benson, Arizona

  • 2022 - International Publication - Four pieces featured in “Goddess Art Magazine” Summer Issue, Australia

  • 2022 - Blog - “Healing Through Art” Goddess Art Magazine, Summer Issue

  • 2022 - International Publication - 365 Art+ Magazine “Japan” Distributed in 37 countries to Designers, Art Investors and Dept Stores

  • 2022 - International Publication - Shannon was showcased with 3 Pieces of Art in Guto Ajayu Culture’s Anthology V Art Book, placed in the National Library of Spain in Madrid

  • 2021 - Present Representation - Endeavor Gallery - Benson, Arizona

  • 2022 - Limited Edition Poster - used by Right Chord Music, UK as the photo for a feature article on RedrumSociety’s single “Release Me”

  • 2022 - Representation - Stronghold Gallery - Sunsites, Arizona

  • 2022 - Present Representation - M.A.D.S Artist - Milan,Italy and Canary Islands (Spain)

  • 2022 - International Online Exhibition  - Gallarium Art Prize participant

  • 2022 - Online Profile - “Meet the Artist” Daily Arts Hub, Artist Profile and gallery

  • 2022 - Online Interview -

  • 2022 - Exhibition - “I” The World Revolves Around Me  M.A.D.S Art Gallery

  • 2022 - International Publication - Collaboration with Knappy Fogle March Issue of Artstonish  Magazine in Vancouver, BC.

  • 2022 - Judged Exhibition - “Celebration of Fine Art” Benson, Arizona 3rd place in Mixed media Division

  • 2021 - Judged Exhibition - 8th Annual “Open Photography Show” Cochise College Benson,Arizona , Received 1st and 2nd place in Digital Artistry Division

  • 2014 - 2020 -  Owner “The Outside Box” - Hand Painted, Refurbished and Reclaimed Vintage Art Furniture, primarily commission based sold across the US

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