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Sam Thomas


oslo art gallery

Sam Thomas is a talented artist hailing from Denver, Colorado. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Art from the University of Alaska-Anchorage in 2017. Following his studies, Sam returned to Denver and became a member of the Denver Art Society, which is an art collective and gallery situated just outside of downtown Denver. There, he was involved in organizing events, curating exhibitions, and participating in art conventions. However, in early 2020, he decided to focus solely on honing his skills and developing a more comprehensive portfolio. Sam's artwork has been lauded for its dreamlike and ethereal quality, which showcases whimsical worlds and characters. His pieces are simultaneously fantastic and grounded, providing an escape for the viewer. Sam's art incorporates rich colors and intricate details, often exploring both imagined and real-world environments with a touch of surrealism and psychedelia.

Lately, Sam has been directing his creative energy towards watercolor as his medium of choice. He finds joy in its fluidity and the depth of color it offers, which he seamlessly blends with the bold structure of thick lines, a defining characteristic of his unique style. In addition to watercolor, he also expresses himself through oil paintings for their distinct richness of color, indulges in pen and ink drawings, and dabbles in digital art occasionally.

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