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Salvatore John Sgroi



oslo art gallery

Salvatore John Sgroi was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He has a passion for visual creation that connects his love of mood, atmosphere, and authentic abstraction. Film and music have been enormous inspirations for Salvatore since he was very young. Originally a musician, songwriter, and performer, he created all the bands' marketing and media content during the 90s. Salvatore's love for film and music has had a profoundly inspirational impact on his aesthetic eye in photography. 


In 2010, with the birth of his daughter, Salvatore began his journey into photography. He started by trying to capture those precious moments of her, not yet realizing that he would soon start using the camera as a tool to create images that he always thought about achieving with other media. As Salvatore began photographing everything from bubbles to painting inside the toilet, he felt a freedom from all boundaries such as time, energy, and space. 

Inspired by the history of Jazz and the Abstract Expressionist movement in America, Salvatore follows the spontaneous, improvisational process of creating. His passion for this independent means of expression has led him to practice a technique for experimentation and exploration to create images that reflect the wonder and abstract nature connected to our individuality. His focus is on the moment, keeping objects, color, and emotion in mind to examine the unknown beauty within ourselves and our connection to the Creator. 


Currently, Salvatore is working on a series titled "Visual Therapy Healing" with the intention of expressive behavior in photography and digital manipulation of techniques in images. He aims to marry a minimalist aesthetic with abstractions, uniquely through spirituality within the process of the moment, while keeping a luxury aesthetic mindset for the viewer.

oslo art gallery

Salvatore's Statment

"In 2016, I worked in digital photography in various disciplines with the abstract at the forefront. I was shooting flowers known to the world as Lily's, and my inspiration was to marry the natural world aesthetics of nature with my own personal abstraction of that time by manipulating the image from a spontaneous emotion within that specific moment. 


Little did I realize that the image would morph into the likeness of Christ. This visitation into the visual stunned me because I was never trying to manipulate any photograph into something that already existed in the material world. The process of abstraction is something that I fell in love with as a child because of its experimentation and exploration into the unknown. I was always a deep believer, especially after my near-death experience when I was a kid. I was Hovering two stories high while watching my body lifeless on the floor with my friends around me. I felt nothing physical, only the beauty of being Spiritually alive without a physical body. 


I never forget the heavenly peace that I experienced during my encounter with Christ. Since then, I have been creating images that continue to flow from me as if God is directing me. I put all of my inner peace and love into this body of work, which I titled Visual Therapy Healing. My goal is to heal myself and others through these creations, which are an ongoing series.


I strive to create mesmerizing visuals for the viewer while incorporating spiritual elements. These original creations are printed exclusively on metal using the highest quality materials. I wanted to combine luxury decor and spiritual abstractions, and these pieces are limited to only one."

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