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Rai Escalé

Rai Escalé



Rai Escalé

Rai Escalé, (b. 1964) is a Catalan painter and visual artist.
His work has been shown extensively around Europe and the USA. His illustrations have appeared in many Catalan media.

He works between south Catalonia, where he lives now, and Bratislava, where he has collaborated since 2007 with Miloš Kopták in the Miroir Noir project.


From 2009 to 2014, was deeply involved in the epic burst in and out of the mythical Barcelona Eat Meat Gallery.


"Art is the best way I've found to sublimate myself into someone better ..."

Spaniard Rai Escalé is a very moving individual in more ways than one. He perfectly understands human nature but does not believe that we are powerless in changing innate behavioral traits. His words are sagely calming and subtly scolding at the same time.


He believes that art could literally calm the world down.

Rai Escalé

Rai depends on a fluctuating process of going in and out of his psyche to uncover, recover and reveal images that cause his audience to look and look again.
He knows that his process and creations are unpredictable and could cause gallery owners/collectors some hesitancy. Still, he is also aware that an artist must be expressively truthful.

His words teach us in a
non-condemnatory way that a simple life that takes loved ones, nature, and travel very seriously is good. And when you add the creation of truthful and beautiful art to the mix, it is like you have Heaven on Earth.




Solo Exhibitions

  • 2022 Rai Escalé, ‘Conte de Tardor’, Les Bernardes, Salt, CAT (Opening Sept 16th)

  • 2022 Miroir Noir, ‘Tá láska a neláska’, Pistory Palas, Bratislava SVK (Opening Sept 9th)

  • 2022 Rai Escalé, 'Cecilismus', Studio Weil, Port Andraitx, Mallorca, SPA. (Opening June 4th).

  • 2022 Rai Escalé ‘Parelles Artístiques’ (duo expo w/ Cornelius Coffin). Castell de La Nou de Gaià, Tarragona, CAT (Opening April 23rd)

  • 2022 Miroir Noir, Rai Escalé, Miloš Kopták 'Cecilizmus', čin čin Gal´eria, Bratislava, SVK. (Opening April 5th)

  • 2020 Miroir Noir, MRB, Turčianska galéria v Martine, Martin SVK.

  • 2019 Rai Escalé, 'Museum', Santa Teca Fest, Castell d'Escornalbou, Tarragona, CAT

  • 2018 Rai Escalé, 'Totes', Victòria, Gironella, CAT.

  • 2018 Miroir Noir, 'MRB', Galéria M. A. Bazovsky, Trenčín, SVK.

  • 2017 Rai Escalé, ‘Cecilismus’, 1e Biennale Populaire d'Arts Visuels, Viviers les Montagnes, Tarn, FR.

  • 2017  Miroir Noir 'Nocturno', Dub Gallery, Perlhimov, CZR

  • 2016 Miroir Noir ‘Cecilismus’, Hell Gallery, Barcelona, CAT. 

  • 2016 Rai Escalé ‘Some Possible Giocondas’, Konvent, Berga, CAT.

  • 2016 Miroir Noir ‘Cecilismus’, Konvent Cal Rosal, Berga, CAT.

  • 2015 Miroir Noir 'Paralelné Svety', Galéria Mesto Bratislavy, Bratislava, SVK.

  • 2015 Miroir Noir  ‘Potacek’, Regionalné Muzeum v Mikulov, CZR.

  • 2014  Miroir Noir ‘Propter Nuptias’, Eat Meat Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2013  Miroir Noir ‘Propter Nuptias’, Blokker Gallery, Madrid, SPA.

  • 2013  Miroir Noir ‘Propter Nuptias’, Rochuskapelle, Landshut, GER.

  • 2013  Rai Escalé ‘Group Show’, Eat Meat, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2012  Miroir Noir, ‘Dve telá, jedna dusa’, Východoslovenska Galéria, Kosice, SVK.

  • 2011  Miroir Noir,  ‘Bateau Ivre’, Eat Meat,  Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2011  Rai Escalé, El Vermell, Manresa, CAT.

  • 2011  Miroir Noir, Konvent.0 Fest , Cal Rosal, Berga, CAT.

  • 2010  Rai Escalé, ‘Sang Freda’, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2010  Miroir Noir, Galeria Kolomana Sokola, Liptovsky Mikulas, SVK

  • 2010  Miroir Noir, FruFru Gallery, Bratislava, SVK.

  • 2009  Rai Escalé, ‘Carnivale of souls’, Artformz Alternative, Miami, USA.

  • 2008  Rai Escalé, ‘El Ojo Cerebro’, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2006  Rai Escalé, ‘El Ojo Carnívoro’, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

And Many group shows...


  • 2016  w. Miroir Noir, Konvent, Berga, CAT.

  • 2015  w. Miroir Noir, Rancho Bellavista, Guerrero, MEX.

  • 2011  w. Miroir Noir, Konvent.0, Berga, CAT.

  • 2011  w. Miroir Noir, Sympat, Patince, SVK.

  • 2010  w. Miroir Noir, Multipoint Symposium, Nitra, SVK.

  • 2009  Fountainhead Residency, Miami , USA.

  • 2005  La Rectoria, St Pere de Vilamajor, CAT.

Publications and Catalogues

  • 2018 Miroir Noir 'MRB' Catalogue, 64 pags., GMAB, SVK.

  • 2018 Rai Escalé and Miroir Noir, 'The Naked Artbook', 128 pags., Infomag Group Comunication, SPA.

  • 2015 Miroir Noir ´Paralelné Svety’ exhibition Catalogue,  45 pgs. Miroir Noir ed., SVK.

  • 2013  Miroir Noir 'Propter Nuptias',  Hardcover Book, 48 pgs. Miroir Noir ed., SVK.

  • 2012  Miroir Noir, ‘Zberatel’ alebo zmluva s diabolom’, I.Melichercik, Artform, SVK.

  • 2012  Miroir Noir 2007-2012, Miroir Noir editions, SVK.

  • 2011  BCN Crea (300 catalan artists), Icub, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2011  ‘Libido’, exh. cat., Eat Meat, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2010  Sang Freda,  exh. cat., Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2010  Miroir Noir, Gal.Kolomana Sokola, exh. cat., Liptovsky Mikulas, SVK.

  • 2009  SCOPE New York,  exh. catl, New York, USA.

  • 2008  El ojo cerebro (The brain eye) exhibition catalogue, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2008  BAC'08, Int. Fest. of Contemporary Art, exh. cat., Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2008  SCOPE Miami, exh. catalogue, Miami, USA.

  • 2007  SWAB catalogue, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

  • 2006  El ojo carnívoro (The Carnivorous Eye) exhibition catalogue, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, CAT.

Rai Escalé
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