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Oxidized pigments (aluminium, copper, gold, iron), water-based medium, oil, fabrics, archival pigment prints (collage) on canvas.

In this lush and textural painting the image (a Louis Vuitton advertisement) is literally buried with oil paint under the surface as different varnishes become thicker and more complex, trapping metallic pigments like gold, silver and copper. The use of different varnishes and UV coatings, together with oil paint, absorb, reflect and diffuse light and enhances the capacity of the surface, creating a depth of pictorial space. This working process is about continuous re-assembly, re-organisation and re-construction of the overpainted image, zigzagging between creation, ruin and epiphany. Calibrating the weight of each color and tone, and creating space by varying the texture of his medium, Peter Vahlefeld conjures depth from almost nothing.

Plugging the Brand (The Art of Travelling)

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Peter Vahlefeld

    Oil on Canvas, 2022

    120 x 120 cm

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