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Nicolle's power to embody her roles as a woman, mother, daughter, and sister is akin to the interconnected roots of a majestic tree. Just as the tree draws strength and sustenance from its roots, Nicolle's ability to be all of these is rooted in her resilience, love, and the nurturing bonds she shares with her family. Like the branches that reach out in different directions, she extends her care and support to those she loves, connecting and sustaining them through the various seasons of life. In this way, she exemplifies the enduring power of human connection and the strength that comes from embracing her multifaceted identity.


  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Anamaria Cepoi

    Oil on linen canvas, 2023

    47 1/5 × 35 2/5 × 1 1/5 in | 120 × 90 × 3 cm

  • Available At:

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