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Oxidized pigments (aluminium, copper, gold, iron), water-based medium, oil, archival pigment prints, and fabric (collage) on canvas.

By experimenting with gesture, pigments like gold, silver, copper, aluminium, and iron mixed with water-based mediums are the starting point for this series. The obliteration of the motive by gigantic brushstrokes as a performative process of dragging, scraping, combing, raking and squeegeeing paint, pigments, and mediums across the surfaces are the subject matter of the paintings. The background remains saturated through grooves made by smaller brushstrokes until the canvas picks up textures, gestures and happenstance along the way. The light hides itself in the crevices of silver and gold, sculpted by the line of the brush and the oxidization of the pigments. This palimpsest is anchored with swatches of paint overlaid with pigment prints and fabrics, overpainted again and sealed with UV coating. Source images of overpainted printed matter provide a catalyst to delve into what is hidden and what is seen.

New York Art Evening Auction #3

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Peter Vahlefeld

    Oil on Canvas, 2018

    200 x 135 cm

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