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Peter Vahlefeld’s use of thick, heavily applied paint, pigments, and rapid brushstrokes suggest a struggle with the material. The pigments respond to the mimetic representation of a flower image advertising a museum shop item by the MoMA, New York. Mobilizing artistic strategies such as intuitive mark-making, erasure, and layering as tools of negation and transgression, the painting is done in a spirit of vigorous, vehement urgency. Combining graphic signs and typography with freer brushstrokes, the canvas acts like an exercise in working out all the possibilities of adjusting it, adding to it, concealing it, revealing it, destroying it as well as repairing it. Colors overlap and permeate each other. The pigments glimmer and flicker like immaterial phenomena of light. Each stroke has its own temperament, exaggerated, shy or hesitant, playful. Brusquely, colors push one another aside, placidly giving each other space. The colors are far too independent to subordinate themselves under any structure.

Museum Shop Readymade (MoMA)

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Peter Vahlefeld

    Oil on Canvas, 2022

    120 x 120 cm

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