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In this painting, Peter Vahlefeld uses the real to disrupt the ideal. Through commercial images of fashion models, products, and advertisements, in this case, an ad for a Louis Vuitton bag with a Van Gogh still life, chosen by Jeff Koons, he subverts the residual authority of established artistic genres, merging it with the increasingly pervasive image culture of the present.


Jeff Koons is turning great art back into popular culture for a range of handbags as Peter Vahlefeld turns popular culture back into art. Central to Peter Vahlefeld’s practice is his modulation of oil paint with various mediums, including pigments and pigment prints, resulting in a visceral, thickly impastoed surface.

Masters (Koons meets Vuitton)

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Peter Vahlefeld

    Oil on Canvas, 2020

    170 x 120 cm

  • For Direct Purchase & Guarantee:

    Available at Artsy (soon)
    Available at Artmajeur
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