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Acrylic-based medium, archival varnish UV protection, oil, and pigmented Ultrachrome inkjet prints (collage) on canvas.

The basis of the artwork is an over-painted double-page advertisement (Frieze Magazine) for a Gauguin exhibition in Madrid. The over-painting was digitally photographed and broken down on the computer until the original image began to dissolve. The result was printed out as Ultrachrome inkjet prints and mounted on canvas (collage) with a transparent medium UV protection. Segments of inkjet prints are sanded and cut back to reveal glimpses of paint creeping out from underlying layers. Barely visible beneath the obliterated surface, text fragments and numerals emerge, recalling written communications, uniting detached images and aggrandized emotion as a parody of media advertisements. The print allows the paint to be its most animal expression of itself while creating a charming opposition between the sculptural qualities of color and the flat surface of the print, leaving a picture plane marked by an effortlessly elegant dance of smudges, puddles, and saturated strokes.

Each 200 x 80 cm, four panels will be shipped in one crate with the dimension 207 x 90 x 37 cm. The crate needs a week to be built.

Gauguin and the Voyage to the Exotic

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Peter Vahlefeld

    Mixed Media on Canvas, 2016

    320 x 200 cm

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