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Follow the Lights 2 was just that, the first lights of the morning captured in one of my favorite places in Auckland. 
Listening to the perfect song I emulated the sound with movement across the lens. The desire was to embody the movement, painting the light in one true harmony. 
Printed on the beautiful Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Paper.

This image is featured in the series “A Moment in Indecisive Movement.” Each are unique, overlapping forms of light, landscape and atmosphere encapsulated inside a distinct moment, unrepeatable and singular within the image.

Follow the Lights 2

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Michel Perrin

    Digital Photography, 2020

    31 3/10 × 46 9/10 in | 79.5 × 119 cm

    Edition 10/10 + 2AP

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