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Emotive Rhythms; Dancing Tears:
"The use of mascara holds a special significance for me as it symbolizes the tears,
sweat and sacrifice that accompany the movements that inspire the brush strokes. It
represents the wide range of nuances and emotions that performing artists expose
themselves to every day throughout their careers.
This project, in fact, was born out of a necessity to release emotions and energy on a
frustrating day during rehearsals. At that time, the only inked instrument I had
available was the mascara from my stage makeup kit. However, I developed a deep
affinity for how I could express myself through its meaning, technique, and visual
impact, and it naturally became my new mode of expression."
Sonia Vinograd.

Emotive Rythms; Dancing Tears n.006

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Sonia Vinograd

    Mascara (Ink) on paper, 2023

    6 3/10 × 6 3/10 in | 16 × 16 cm

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