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Peter Vahlefeld starts to use the magazine page (readymade) as a medium. The furious, jagged marks appear as if he was attacking the printed matter (a double page of an Elaine Sturtevant ad) with a physicality that reduced representational forms to a purely emotional response.

By appropriating and deconstructing those glossy pages, something more genuine, hand-made, and authentic should be expressed. Characterized by its concentrated materiality, the artwork is constructed from intersecting lines, fields, and swaths of color applied with brooms, brushes, and hands. By varying the force with which he dragged his tools across the canvas, Vahlefeld added and, crucially, removed paint areas to generate a highly unpredictable surface.

The resulting juxtapositions (paint vs. print) seek to remind one of the visual and psychological manipulations in advertising while also creating a new dialogue in response.

Elaine Sturtevant Ad

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