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"Destination" is a landscape artwork dominated by various shades of blue. This piece is a visual embodiment of the timeless wisdom found in the quote: "I can't change the direction of wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."


The deep blues of the distant horizon draw the viewer's gaze towards an unknown destination.


In the foreground, a idea of a sailboat takes center stage. It becomes a symbol of resilience and adaptability, a representation of the human spirit's ability to navigate the unpredictable currents of life.


"Destination" invites viewers to reflect on their own life's voyage and the profound truth that, while we may not always control external circumstances, we possess the power to adapt and set our sails in the direction of our chosen destiny. It is a reminder that even in the vast, unpredictable sea of existence, our choices and resilience can lead us to our desired endpoint, like a sailor adjusting their course to reach the destination they seek.


  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Anamaria Cepoi

    Oil on Linen Belgian Canvas, 2023

    35 2/5 × 47 1/5 in | 90 × 120 cm

  • Available At:

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