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At the end of the Long Island Expressway is a small town stock car track called "Riverhead Raceway'. I was first introduced to it by a DJ by the name of "Wild Girl", describing "Enduro's" on an alternative radio station WFMU. I set out to see what she had described as a "Truly Wild" scene.
I was not disappointed. Picture 100 1970's and 80's 8 cylinder beaters battling it out on a quarter mile paved track with lots of crashes. The cars resembled John Chamberlain sculptures. Both men and women drove, and all were amateurs, competing for bragging rights and small winnings. There were 4 of these races back to back.
I was hooked.
I continued to document the races for the next 4 years, making friends with the drivers and of course, making art.

Cluster Fuck

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