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Peter Vahlefeld mined ads in »Artforum« and »Frieze« of a Baselitz exhibition in Salzburg for this series of overpainted artworks. Rendering the three-dimensional overpainting as a two-dimensional background, they have been partly overpainted again to conceal the preceding original.


The overpainted ads have then been digitized and reworked on the computer before being blown up as pigment prints mounted on Aludibond, a thin aluminum plate. With thickly applied oils, lacquer, and different mediums, the artwork establishes a complex relationship between paint and the digitalized image of paint.


Because of the print on Aludibond and its glossy surface (UV protection), the artwork seems like a photographic representation of an abstract painting, distributing a wealth of visual events across its photographic surface.

Aludibond Painting No. 7

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