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This recent work explores the relationship between hotel stationery and the colors and textiles used in hotels. The artist intends to blend painting with printing and the incorporation of fabrics to create an unexpected and transformative experience.


In his exploration of pattern and mark-making, the work grapples with the limits of representation and the potential for text and logos to take on new meaning or no meaning. Motifs and colors rise to the surface of the canvas, only to dissolve again.


Peter Vahlefeld uses a combination of layering, distressing, and blending to build a multifaceted surface. Using powdered pigments like gold, copper, silver, and oil paint, the colors are expressive through nuances, intensities, and transitions. Patches of paint, large and small, send countless stimuli. I allow the analysis of a different set of features with additional power, appearing to move about in space and thus at ing on a unique three-dimensionality.

1601 Collins Ave Miami Beach

  • Details:

    Original & Unique Work, Peter Vahlefeld

    Oil on Aluminum, 2021

    170 x 120 cm

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