The Correct Art Hashtags

Using unrelative hashtags or broad hashtags to get extra likes, can hardly effect your account on Instagram for the long run,

Sooner or later, it will create shadowban, and extremely damage your future posts and the account visibility in general.

Art is complex and multiplexed, and every art type has its own unique keywords to describe it correctly for its art followers and audience.

Let us assume, for example, that you are an abstract artist.

You search for the abstract art hashtags on Instagram, and you will find 120+ different levels of abstract art hashtags as well as 500+ art hashtags related to art in general.

But, to get the best results, it is important to use the right keyword with the right strategy.

Art Hashtags Analyses

The engagement rate is calculated by the number of art followers and their interaction with the posts (likes and comments), determining the correct targeted art hashtags to use. The Art hashtags on Instagram are used in three ways; to maximize the reach, you must combine their three levels correctly.

The Worst Scenario is using only the public famous art hashtags - as 80% of artists on Instagram do.

In reality, these famous hashtags fit ONLY the accounts with an excellent engagement rate, such as those with an engagement rate of 20% or more.

Any less than that and it simply won't work; engagement is everything on Instagram, and to bypass this issue, it requires a different strategy and advanced technical analysis to find the best art hashtags which match the engagement level.

The most challenging subject on Instagram is increasing the engagement rate, not the followers.

Art followers, in general, are the conversation of the account visitors from the correct art hashtags selection or the excellent targeted campaigns on Instagram.


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