Art Hashtags & Instagram Algorithm

When it comes to using the same set of art hashtags, it is simply a restriction for awareness, reach, and full exposure. In other words: it might be a limitation for your potential.

Art hashtags on Instagram are similar to the Google algorithms; the fundamental search engine optimization task is to pick the right keywords related to the niche with less competition. Then, inject these much as possible to the website's content in appropriate places.

Later, you can start building and creating links with articles and content using the same chosen keywords to point to the original website and drive the targeted audiences. That is your website traffic.

The more links with articles you build, the bigger pool of pointers you will have for your original website. This is just like the seeding and harvesting process. After all, the more traffic and visitors the website receives, the faster it will rank up on Google searches!

The concept is almost the same on Instagram but in a different manner. Instead of creating links with articles as you would for Google SEO, it is much more straightforward. All the posts, in general, are the articles, and the correct art hashtags are the targeted keywords and the links at the same time! Easy!

This means:

The more you randomize and use different groups from the varied levels of the targeted art hashtags, the more fabulous the pool of art hashtags and pointers you have to your art profile will be. And that's how your unique art followers and audience will find your art on Instagram.


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