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Pia Andersen

Pia Andersen


Pia Andersen
Pia Andersen was born in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Today she shares her life between Extremadura, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has studied at The Art Academy of Cracow, Poland and the School of Arts and Crafts, Kolding, Denmark.

Her work is represented in numerous collections and institutions, including The National Gallery of Denmark; The New Carlsberg Foundation, DK; Oaxaca Museum, Mexico; Museum Vendsyssel, Hjørring, DK and Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany.

Her art is based on the impressions from endless journeys in Europe and South America. On her travels, she uses the camera as her sketchbook, material to work on later in the studio.


Artist Statement

"I paint nature as I interpret it, and by doing so, I create a new nature, a personal surface of nature in its own right.
Nature is not only fields, woods and lakes. You find nature in innumerable variations and forms.


My inspiration comes from the countries I have visited, the mountains I have climbed, and the light shining in a certain way at a specific moment.

Light always has been of significant interest. I am working with the light on the surface, in the layers and my themes.

The way I apply the paint allows me to manipulate the light. An uneven surface creates several small shadows. The layers in the painting allow me to construct a colour from dark to light or vice versa, guiding the light of the artwork in an entirely physical way.

“Painting is a constant process of renewal and discovery”: Joan Mitchell.

I work intuitively using the impressions from my daily life, art I have seen, travels I have made, and nature I have lived. When I have constructed the framework of a painting, I add colour. This colour pushes the composition and not only demands but defines the next colour.

My studio is a laboratory of visual alchemy.


Colour is not only what the eye registers; it is the memory of the colour.


One colour is born by the disappearance of another,


like when the sun moves, or a leaf is turned. Like colour is relative, born by its neighbours; perception also is relative, depending on the spectator's knowledge, history and situation.

Painting is my attempt to communicate consciously and unconsciously. 

I want my paintings to activate the viewer's memories, create a pleasant but puzzling presence, and provoke associations." 





  • 2022
    La Siesta del Gato – Brøndsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    New paintings – Galerie Provence, Vadum, Denmark

  • 2021
    The Journey of the Blue Salmon – Kastrupgårdsamlingen, Denmark
    The Journey of the Blue Salmon – Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Denmark

  • 2019
    Sonnenduft – White Square Gallery, Berlin, Germany

  • 2018
    Avannaannguarpoq – Brøndsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    New works – Galerie Provence, Vadum, Denmark

  • 2017
    Al sur de Gredos, color by color – Galeri Heer, Oslo, Norway
    Nye oliemalerier og stentøjskrukker – Galerie Provence, Vadum, Denmark

  • 2016
    Behind the color – Bispegården, Kalundborg, Denmark

  • 2015
    El Aroma de la Luz – Brøndsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2014
    „Des Lebens Pulse…“ – White Square Gallery in cooperation with Berliner Sparkasse, Berlin, Germany

  • 2013
    Sol y sombra – White Square Gallery, Berlin, Germany
    Las Cuatro Estaciones – Brøndsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2012
    Metamorphosen – White Square Gallery in cooperation with Berliner Sparkasse, Berlin, Germany
    Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway

  • 2011
    Galerie Provence, Vadum, Denmark
    White Square Gallery, Berlin, Germany

  • 2010
    Lys i Lanskab – Brøndsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Pia Andersen – Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway

  • 2009
    Mirage – Biblioteca Alexandrina, Egypt
    Dialog (with Osman Dinc) – Galerie Provence, Vadum, Denmark
    Kunstetagerne, Hobro, Denmark

  • 2008
    Pia Andersen – Galería Vértice, Guadalajara, Mexico
    Striber i Landskab – Brøndsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Pinturas – Museo de Bellas Artes, Guadalajara, Mexico

  • 2007
    Farver i Landskab – Olivia Holm Møller Museum, Holstebro, Denmark

  • 2006
    Spanske billeder – Galerie Provence, Vadum, Denmark
    Linier i Landskab – Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway

  • 2005
    Atelierudstilling, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2004
    Skitser i papir og keramik – Museum of the Fine Arts, Ålborg, Denmark
    Keramik og maleri – Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway
    Bispegården, Kalundborg, Denmark
    Hadsund Cityhall, Hadsund, Denmark

  • 2003
    Summerlightning – DCA Gallery, New York City, USA
    Kornmod – Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark
    Luces Septentrionales – Museo Antiguo Collegio de San Ildefonso, Mexico City
    Pia Andersen – Galeria Alejandro Gallo, Guadalajara, Mexico

  • 2002
    Wetterleuchten – Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany

  • 2001
    La Vera – Galerie Edition Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Himmel  Hav  Ager – Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway

  • 2000
    Galerie Müller, Schütz und Rohs, Colon, Germany

  • 1999
    Visto de Campo San Fantin – Galerie Mikael Schultz, Berlin, Germany
    Cultus Hortorum – Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway
    Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark

  • 1998
    Paysage – D.C.A. Gallery, New York, USA
    Caminos – Kunsthallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Terra Incognita – Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany
    Plaza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    Galleri Rohs, Düren, Germany
    Edition Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 1997
    Politikens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 1996
    Wechselbeziehungen –  Galerie Müller, Schütz und Rohs, Cologne, Germany
    Galerie Provence, Ålborg, Denmark
    Siyah / Beyaz Gallery, Ankara, Turkey

  • 1995
    Galleri Rohs, Düren, Germany
    Galleri Brantebjerg, Nakke Nord, Denmark

  • 1994
    Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Flecha Azul – Storstrøm Museum of Fine Arts, Maribo, Denmark
    Flecha Azul – Hjørring Museum of Fine Arts, Hjørring, Denmark
    Flecha Azul – Kunsthaus Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany

  • 1993
    Galleri Rohs, Düren, Germany
    Skejten sten – Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark

  • 1991
    Galeri Deco, Ålborg, Denmark
    Sfærer af lys og rum – Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany
    21. Int. Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brasil
    Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 1990
    Galeri ASP, Craków, Poland
    Galerie Treppe, Düren, Germany
    Sfærer af lys og rum – Nikolaj Exhibitionhall, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Galleri 11, DR-television, Denmark

  • 1989
    Galerie Høghsberg, Århus, Denmark
    Galeri Deco, Ålborg, Denmark
    Galerie Treppe, Düren, Germany
    Oaxaca Museum, Oaxaca, Mexico

  • 1987
    Koldinghus ( med Ida Guldhammer), Kolding, Denmark
    Danish Center of Architecture (med Ida Guldhammer), Copenhagen, Denmark


  • ​Erna Hamilton´s Travel Grant, 2015

  • L.F.Foghts Fond 2010

  • Nordic Ministerial Council

  • Ragnvald og Ida Blix Foundation

  • Silkeborg Artistprice 1992

  • Irgens-Bergh´s  Artists´ Grant

  • Knud Højgård´s Foundation

  • Queen Ingrid´s Foundation

  • The Danish National Bank´s Jubilee Foundation

  • Ministry of Education´s bilateral Grant 1983-85

  • The Danish Art Foundation


  • The National Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Museum Kastrupgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany

  • Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany

  • Szombathely Museum, Szombathely, Hungary

  • Musée de Petit Format, Couvin, Belgium

  • The New Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark

  • The House of Parliament, Christiansborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Hjørring Museum of Fine Arts, Denmark

  • Oaxaca Museum, Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Drangedahl County, Telemark, Norway

  • Private collections in Germany, USA, Mexico, Japan, Brasil, Turkey,

  • England, Norway and Denmark.



The Academy of Fine Arts, Craków, Poland.


  • Ceramic jar, Kalundborg, Denmark – 2017

  • Jin Shin Restaurant, Ålborg, Denmark – 2012

  • Mug of the year 2013 for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark – 2012

  • Malko Prizes for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark – 2012

  • Årets Harald for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark – 2011

  • MMM Prize for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark – 2011

  • The church Kirke Stilling by Korsør, Denmark  – 2009

  • The Parliament, Christiansborg, meetingroom, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2007

  • The Musicians´ Lounge at the Opera, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2004

  • Terra Group a/s, Oslo, Norway – 2004

  • Danish Industry, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2004

  • Office of the president of the Danish Council of The Legal Profession, Cph. – 2004

  • Ålborg Congress and Culture Center, Denmark– 2004

  • Vordingborg College of Education, Denmark – 2000

  • Microsoft, Hellerup, Denmark – 2002

  • The Bishop´s  Meeting-room, Haderslev , Denmark– 2002

  • The Royal Danish Embassy, Berlin, Germany – 2000

  • Zürich RE, Colon, Germany – 2000

  • Velux Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark – 1999

  • Evangelische und Johanniter Klinikum, Duisburg, Germany – 1999

  • Hotel Louisiana, Silkeborg, Denmark – 1997

  • Restaurant M.S. Amerika, Copenhagen, Denmark – 1995

  • Pfarmacy Triangelen, Copenhagen, Denmark – 1991

  • House of Counties, Copenhagen, Denmark – 1994

  • School of Forestry, Nøddebo, Denmark – 1994

  • IC3-train “Stygge Krumpen”, Denmark

  • The Royal Danish Embassy, Mexico City

  • Skejby Hospital, Århus, Denmark


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