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Patrik Hoffman



oslo art gallery

Patrik is an artist who merges technology with creativity. His digital creations blur the lines between human imagination and machine ingenuity, showcasing the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Using a virtual studio as his playground, he composes stunning visual and auditory symphonies, exploring the unexplored terrains of generative art, neural-style transfer, and algorithmic design.


He draws inspiration from the collective consciousness of the digital era, and his work delves into the essence of human experience by leveraging vast datasets of art history, contemporary culture, and the digital zeitgeist. Each piece is an evocative experiment, provoking thought and challenging conventional notions of creativity.


AI art reflects a rapidly changing world where human and machine creativity merge. As we move deeper into the 21st century, Patrik's art invites us to explore the boundary where code becomes canvas, and algorithms transform into creative muses.

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