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Oliver Staeuber

Oliver Staeuber




The Swiss/Chilean artist Oliver Staeuber (1980), is currently based in Bern, Switzerland.



Began his approach to the visual arts while studying architecture back in 1999. Ten years later, he moved from Chile to Switzerland, where he developed his career as an architect and his work as an artist.

Staeuber’s work focuses on the representation of natural landscapes, animals, and traditional rituals to explore the strained relationship between humans and nature, the direct impact of humanity, and how a character fights back.


He experiences different techniques such as oil, acrylic, spray, oil pastel pencils, and watercolors to explore light and color and their interaction to create moods.


The artist describes his creative process as dynamic, moving between realism and abstraction, which led his melancholic thoughts to the canvas.

His art atelier is situated in Liebefeld (Bern, Switzerland), and his work is part of private collections in Argentina, Chile, Spain, and Switzerland.

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