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Newel Hunter

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Newel Hunter “It’s not about the paint. Or the canvas. It’s about digging deep enough to stir the soul.”


As a writer and artist, Newel Hunter can’t help himself. He’s a storyteller. Of space cadets and old men. Of dreams and harsh reality. Of pathos and passion. Of unbidden energy and unwholesome vibrations. In his portfolio, you’ll find stories of love and death amid amazing landscapes. You’ll find translucent forms with only hints of substance and color. His black and white images dance and vibrate with a fluid calligraphic style wholly his own.


He paints almost exclusively in black and white acrylic on a variety of surfaces, employing a selection of non-traditional painting tools – many of which he makes myself – to produce arresting images with a sense of depth and sculptural form.


Highly physical, gestural, exhilarating and interpretive, Hunter’s art is a whole body exercise in storytelling. Even in its most abstract.

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Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century. Featured as one of only 44 international artists. At 240 pages, this coffee table-sized book is the definitive volume on the role of chance in contemporary fine art.


Artfolio 2020 & 2021. These beautiful coffee table-sized books feature “A curated collection of the world's most exciting artists” as decided by an international jury of professional artists, museum curators, gallery owners, art consultants and collectors.


Studio Visit Magazine, Volumes 17 & 39; result of a juried national competition.

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