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Natasha Patel




My artwork is a reflection of the beauty and wonder of nature and the universe. Through the use of organic patterns and bold colors, I strive to create a sensory experience that is both therapeutic and enjoyable. Using a blend of abstract expressionism and science & technology, I let gravity and fluid mediums guide me in forming abstract shapes and lines that remind me of patterns found in nature. Incorporating epoxy resin adds depth and dimension to my artwork. The colors I use hold great personal significance, symbolizing regality, wealth, nature, and feminism.

oslo art gallery

Natasha Patel is a self-taught abstract artist based in Southern California. Her love for the energetic expressionism of Jackson Pollock and the feminine symbolism in Georgia O'Keefe's flowers goes back to her childhood. To craft her abstract paintings, she implements a diverse range of materials, including fluid acrylics, alcohol and acrylic inks, sand, and most recently, epoxy resin. Her pieces are characterized by bold hues and lively compositions. Lately, Patel has been deeply inspired by the patterns and structures that exist in nature and the cosmos. Currently, she is working on fusing these influences to create a unified abstract style.

Natasha's artistic talents have been gaining recognition in recent years. In 2020, she exhibited her work with the Divulgarti Group at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy for a Contemporary Art exhibition. Her work was also featured in a segment called "In The Know" on Yahoo News. In January 2022, Natasha was selected to be part of The Visionary Art Collective's virtual exhibition titled "Splash, Drip, Throw," curated by Gita Joshi. Later that year, she was one of three abstract women artists from around the world featured in an international exhibition called "Life in Colour," curated by the same curator. In November 2022, Natasha was part of an online group exhibition called "Textures, Patterns, Shapes, and Forms," curated by Las Lagunas Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. Most recently, Natasha sold her work during Superfine Art Fair's LA show in October 2022.

oslo art gallery

Natasha is a highly accomplished artist who has gained recognition from multiple sources. She recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Shoutout Socal, and her exceptional work was featured on the Conception Arts Blog. House & Garden UK Magazine has also showcased her talent in three issues of their December 2022 - January 2023 editions. Natasha has had the honor of participating in several artist residencies, including Marida Jewelry from October 2022 to March 2023, and Burke Mercantile from May 2023 to July 2023. Her captivating artwork is currently on display in exhibitions at the Ontario International Airport and Hera Hub Irvine. In addition, she was part of a highly-regarded group show at Sparks Gallery in San Diego in June.





  • Divulgarti Group Show at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy for the Contemporary Art exhibition 

  • Featured “In The Know” Yahoo News Media Video Segment


  • January 2022: “Splash, Drip, Throw” - The Visionary Art Collective’s Virtual Exhibition Curated by Gita Joshi

  • March 2022: “Conception Arts” Blog Interview

  • April 2022: “Shoutout Socal” Published Interview

  • July 2022: “Life in Colour” - International group exhibition showcasing 3 international women artists curated by Gita Joshi 

  • November 2022: “Textures, Patterns, Shapes, and Forms” group show curated by Las Lagunas Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA

  • October 2022: Superfine Art Fair in Los Angeles, CA.

  • November 2022: 6 month Artist Residency at Marida Jewelry in Long Beach, CA.

  • December 2022- January 2023: House & Garden UK 3 month feature in “The Art Edit”



  • February 2023: Signed Art Studio in Costa Mesa, CA

  • April 4-6th, 2023: Pershing Square Art Show in Downtown Los Angeles

  • April 2023 - Designed first beer label for Untitled Art Beverage Company

  • May 2023: 6 Month Installation at Ontario International Airport

  • May 2023 - July 2023 - 3 month Artist Residency at Burke Mercantile in Long Beach, CA

  • June 2023- present - Corporate Art installation at Hera Hub Irvine - Spa inspired Coworking space for women entrepreneurs

  • August 2023 - Interview with Lumaprints

oslo art gallery
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