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Michel Perrin


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Michel Perrin, a native of Annemasse, France and born in 1972, has extensively traveled throughout various countries and has resided in New Zealand for the past 26 years. His formative years were spent in the French mountains near the Swiss border. During his adolescence, Michel developed a profound passion for photography, as it enabled him to express himself and capture moments with a depth that words alone could not do. Even after years of travel and work, he persisted in his pursuit of photography as a hobby, frequently indulging in photo magazines, exhibitions, and photography equipment.

Upon his arrival in the rugged and unspoiled terrain of New Zealand, he encountered a population that exuded an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by their resourcefulness, he opted for a career in photography and has since partnered with a diverse clientele ranging from fashion brands to architectural firms and home and living publications. Throughout his professional journey, he has skillfully captured the elation and splendor of numerous families. personalities and business portraitures

Michel Perrin is a prominent artist of high acclaim, having garnered over one hundred international photography awards and served as a judge for various national competitions. His work is in high demand and is included in private collections worldwide. When queried about his artistic approach, he describes his motivation to express his perceptions of the world in a tangible manner. He specifically focuses on capturing movement, depth, and the subtle intricacies of time that may not be immediately apparent to the observer.

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