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Michail Parlamas



oslo art gallery

Michail Parlamas' artwork takes the viewer on a journey to a far-off and uncharted world. His universe, which vacillates between bright and treacherous, operates independently and without traditional constraints. By drawing inspiration from various civilizations, artistic movements, and historical periods, Parlamas creates intricate canvases that initially evoke a fear of the unknown, but ultimately offer a philosophical depth that inspires further exploration.


While the representational elements of the artwork provide a comprehensive first impression, the reality within is much more complex. Beneath the dynamic surface, multiple levels are integrated, which precede the completion of his work and are not always immediately apparent. Upon examining Parlamas' work, three primary levels can be identified that define it.

The impact of a painting's first impression is significant and can be intensified by the artist's use of color and skillful drawing techniques. Within the artwork, an array of symbols, both overt and covert, offer a glimpse into a realm of enchantment and intrigue. Through the interplay of imagery and symbolism, surface and depth, and actuality and fantasy, the painting may prove perplexing at first, yet ultimately provides the observer with an opportunity to uncover their own conscious or unconscious associations.

oslo art gallery

Born in Piraeus in 1977, Michail Parlamas pursued painting at the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. Under the guidance of professor Evangelos Dimitreas, he graduated in 2000 and went on to complete his postgraduate studies in London with funding from the State Scholarship Foundation. Parlamas earned a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Central Martins College of Art and Design in 2003, followed by a Professional Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of East London in 2007. He has held three solo exhibitions in Athens and London, respectively, and has been participating in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad since 2002.

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