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Maximiliano (Joaquín Martínez)




Maximiliano (Joaquín Martínez)

"Figurative art is a stimulating, intense way of understanding my reality and others’. The human being is, in my opinion, a perfect vehicle to channel my figurative fascination, focusing on small gestures and sensations. Through this practice and experimentation, I found a way to capture what I consider essential.

From an early age, I had the opportunity to share a family household surrounded by art, mainly figurative painting and drawing, from my father and brother.

Being based in Madrid since I was eight years old, museums like the Prado have developed a strong influence on my work, confidence, and perception of art.

In the beginning, it was just drawing. There were no rules or guidelines, just a direct path of exploration. This way, I intuitively developed a way to experiment with volume and texture.

In 2020, I made the conscious decision to become an artist. My father and mentor, Sergio Martínez, helped me start my ground of self-exploration; Intuition, adaptation, and much love for subtleties and volume.

The atmosphere is critical. It brings coherence to all elements inside the canvas, making everything have the same weight and be surrounded by the same air.


Often invisible and forgotten, this element brings sympathy to people’s perceptions of my pieces. Context to feel with a character -or characters- who have something to say or show.

Since the start of my artistic endeavors, I’ve been attending workshops with artists such as Arantzazu Martinez, Dirk Dzimirsky, and Alejandro Rosemberg. They have added more perspective and knowledge to my work."

Maximiliano (Joaquín Martínez)
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