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Maureen Gillespie


oslo art gallery

Maureen Gillespie is a talented individual who hails from the picturesque country of Ireland. However, she currently resides in the equally stunning Oxfordshire. Though she initially started her professional journey in the field of HR management, her true calling in life has always been art. In 2011, Maureen made the bold decision to follow her heart and pursue her passion for painting, and she has never looked back since. 


Despite being self-taught, Maureen has never wavered in her dedication to honing her craft. She has attended numerous tutorials and workshops over the years to further improve her skills. Her preferred medium is oil, and she employs a variety of techniques to create her masterpieces. Every brush stroke is a reflection of her unwavering passion for art, and she endeavors to create works of art that captivate and mesmerize her viewers. 


Maureen is a true inspiration to anyone who aspires to pursue their dreams and follow their heart. Her unwavering commitment to her passion serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you have the courage and determination to pursue it.

Maureen is a talented artist who finds her muse in the beauty of nature, with a particular affinity for the figurative style. Though she occasionally delves into abstraction, her primary focus lies in capturing the essence of land and seascapes, carefully rendering their unique mood, light, and atmosphere. Her innate ability to capture fleeting moments from her walks through the countryside and along the coast is truly remarkable, whether it's the way sunlight filters through the trees or the glimmer of light on a wave. To ensure she doesn't miss these enchanting moments, Maureen always has a sketchbook and camera at the ready, documenting her experiences as they happen. Later, in her studio, she painstakingly transfers these sketches and photos onto board to bring her vision to life.

oslo art gallery

Maureen has an impressive track record of showcasing her exquisite artwork in various locations across the UK and Ireland. Her recent exhibitions include displaying her masterpieces in the Cotswolds, London, Ireland, and Jersey in collaboration with BNP (Paribas). Maureen's artwork has also been featured in the 'Oxford Art Book: The City through the Eyes of its Artists', which is a great achievement and recognition of her artistic talent. 


In addition to her exhibitions and publications, Maureen has been awarded the prestigious Artists Residency at The Cill Rialaig Project in Kerry, Ireland, in 2015. Currently, she is serving as the Artist in Residence at The Wychwood Golf Club in Oxfordshire, where she continues to create and showcase her artwork. 


Furthermore, Maureen has successfully completed numerous commissions, including The Lodge at Blenheim Palace in 2020. Her attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to her craft is evident in every artwork she creates.

In addition to her artistic creations, she also engages in the design of silk scarves, featuring her unique and original prints.ue and original prints.

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