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Martyn Dymott



A self-taught artist for some years Martyn was a traditional colourist and in recent years he was finding it more and more difficult to find inspiration for his approach to using brush and paint.

Martyn has now re-emerged has a painter using the same brushes and a plethora of other painting techniques found in current digital painting platforms. Whilst using all the tools of traditional painting, for example; sponges, rollers, sprays, pens and still brushes, he has rediscovered his creative urge within a digital studio.

Martyn believes that it is important to differentiate between forms of digital art which may include manipulation of images and his approach which is firmly rooted in the techniques of the visual arts.

Not only has Martyn’s creative inspiration returned but he has now stepped away from a figurative approach and found an infinity of possibilities in abstract and expressionist depictions of what inspires his urge to continuously paint.


Inspiration can come anytime from any of the senses, so there is no more staring in desperation at a blank canvas on a studio easel.

oslo art gallery

In painting digitally Martyn creates layers of colour, often using a mixture of painting techniques and then slowly transforms this combination by perhaps changing the order of the layers, erasing some parts of a layer, or reducing the opaqueness of the paint until something happens.

Paintings can sit in a folder as a working image for some time and will be revisited or played with until Martyn is satisfied that he can do no more.


Being digital paintings Martyn must print these for exhibition or sale and based on advice from an art photographer he sends his completed work to a photographic laboratory in Germany where they are printed directly onto an aluminium dibond surface using 22 colours providing an Ultra HD matte finish. Each painting is fixed with aluminium hanging bars already to go on show.

Each artwork is sold as a unique original painting.

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