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Marco Battaglini

Marco Battaglini



Marco Battaglini

Through a subtle interplay of multiple realities overlapping in the chronotope, Battaglini evidences the contradictions in mental models about the temporal contrast (chronological) and the cultural and linguistic barriers.

Compositions that at first seem 'logical' immediately reveal temporal and spatial limitations that are disruptive in interpreting reality.


Battaglini invites us to think that in today's global village, with the 'democratization' of culture, the evolution of knowledge, information immediacy, and immersed heterogeneity, the Patchwork Culture forces us to confront a need for understanding beyond our geographical boundaries of time.


Probably the uniqueness of the Italian artist Marco Battaglini is to conceptualize the possible coexistence of the ideals of classical beauty with the anti-aesthetic, the combination of the divine and refined with the vulgar, through a composition that can complement different realities in an eternal instant.
His research of multidimensionality leads him to overlap different temporal, spatial, and cultural realities, where everything seems to make sense…
This is ultimately the Battaglini’s purpose: to remove barriers that distort the perception of reality.

Marco Battaglini


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  • 2010 LACDA - Feed_Back Los Angeles, USA.

  • 2010 Scope Basel, Switzerland. I Think, Therefore I am Dangerous

  • 2011 Art Dubai, Reality Versus Imagination and Illusion (installation)

  • 2012 Human Rights - Art from World, curated by Roberto Ronca.

  • 2012 Art takes Times Square - Artist wanted

  • 2012 YOUnite Tour - The Nomadic Project

  • 2013 Art Cologne – Booth E 009

  • 2013 Art Dubai, The Global Village

  • 2014 Saatchi Gallery – 2nd floor, Screen room

  • 2014 The Vendue – "I See Pattern". Charleston, South Carolina.

  • 2015 Tokyo International Art Fair - Opening Show

  • 2015 Krause Gallery - New York - Emerging to Established

  • 2015 Saatchi Gallery - "Installations" - Sc. Project

  • 2015 Scope Miami – Ministry of walls, Booth E 25 w/Banksy and Blek le rat

  • 2016 Caletas Art Palace - ESTHETIC UPRISING. Costa Rica

  • 2016 LILAC Gallery – Fifth Ave. NYC

  • 2016 EDEN Gallery – Soho – Madison Ave. NYC

  • 2017 Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona – Italia.Curated by Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar

  • 2017 Scope Miami – Miami, USA

  • 2017 Royal Monceau Palace, Art District Gallery – Paris

  • 2018 ARMORY SHOW NYC - TIMELESS Caravaggio Curated by Giuseppe Ussani d'Escobar

  • 2018 ART ATTACK - Royal Monceau Palace - Paris

  • 2019 CHRISTIE'S Auction - London

  • 2019 VENICE-MONTECARLO Expo & Auction - Monaco

  • 2020 ART WINWOOD - Booth AW601 - Miami

  • 2020 MITH & URBAN REALITIES - Geneve, Suisse

  • 2021 VENUS VICTRIX HODIE - Playboy Project w/Kylie Jenner

Marco Battaglini
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