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Luisa Khalileva




Luisa K, born in Norvegia, is the daughter of an Uzbek mother and a Crimean Tatar father. Her father, an electrical engineer by profession, frequently relocated, thereby exposing Luisa to diverse traditions and cultures. This upbringing greatly enriched her character and deepened her perception of nature, sparking a love for colors that she brilliantly reflects in her works.


Subsequently, Luisa settled in Italy, where she embarked on painting as a means of exploring and expressing her inner world. Despite being self-taught, she took the initiative to delve into the works of classical painters and visited European museums during the 2000s to deepen her artistic education.

The artist currently resides on the picturesque shores of Lake Garda, where she draws inspiration and finds tranquility amidst the ever-changing lights and seasons. Recently, she has been attending classes and participating in Masterclasses with the world-renowned Russian Impressionist Master, Slava Korolenkov. Her artwork is a reflection of her unique perception of light and color as they interact with objects, evolving throughout the day within the natural surroundings.

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