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Luca Brandi

Luca Brandi


ArtRewards | Luca Brandi

Luca Brandi was born in the city of Florence in the year 1961. He began working with master Romolo Prati in Florence at the age of 10, assisting him in creating large spiritual pictures on the paneling for church sacristies. In addition, he researched the framework of the paneling and the structuring of the paintings. This was done in readiness for the funding for the big works.


He began studying abstract painting with Paolo Galletti in 1983. He taught him the principles of form deconstruction through geometrical art and color. His first solo show was exhibited at the Dada gallery in Florence in 1985. Since then, Luca Brandi has come a long way.


At the age of nine, Luca Brandi began working with great painter Romolo Prati. In Florence, he began working on images in numerous churches. He created several science fantasy illustrations for a journal when he was 15 years old.


He discovered the notion of abstraction from Paolo Galletti, a famous painter, in the 1980s. He accompanied him to the abstract collections and exhibitions. In addition, he held his first art exhibition in 1984. This was when he began his professional life in Italy with different shows.

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