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Laura Krusemark




As a fine artist, my aim is to capture the exquisite essence and Divine nature of the world around us and to bring it to life on canvas. I draw my inspiration from the beauty of nature, the radiance of the human spirit, and the wonder of magical worlds just beyond this one....and most importantly, the worlds waiting to be discovered within! Using various mediums such as oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and gold leaf, I create paintings that are not only visually stunning but also deeply emotional and expressive. My style is influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, with its flowing lines, intricate details, and rich, vibrant colors. I find great inspiration in the works of Gustav Klimt and his use of gold leaf and intricate patterns as well as the Pre-Raphaelite masters' symbolic, illuminating subjects. My hope is that my art will inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the Divine beauty and sacred essence that surrounds us, inviting viewers to step into a world of magic and delight. I believe that art has the power to transport us to another realm, to stir our hearts and ignite our imaginations. And so, I am honored to share my creations with the world in the hopes of bringing joy and beauty into the lives of all who experience them.

oslo art gallery

I was born in a small mid-western town of Kansas, where I was raised on a large crop farm. With roots tracing back to Germany, my family found their home in these expansive plains. Throughout my childhood, love was ever-present, even amidst the changes and challenges we faced as a family. Embracing my introspective nature, I often sought the serenity of nature. On my solitary walks, I'd get lost in the details of flowers and insects. This peaceful time enriched my imagination and creativity. While articulating my emotions through words wasn't always easy for me, I found joy in expressing myself through painting and music. This creative exploration enhanced the depth of my inner world, filling it with vivid dreams and ideas. From an early age, my passion for art was undeniable. I remain deeply appreciative of those around me who supported my endeavors, and although I sometimes felt a lack of specific guidance and mentors, this journey has uniquely shaped my path as a fine artist.

During my time at Bethany College in Lindsborg KS, where I was studying classical piano and oil painting, I found the focus and style of art to be mis-aligned to my aesthetics. The professors were more focused on abstract expressionism, while I longed for a realistic approach and the beauty of Renaissance masters. This additional disconnect pushed me further away from fine art instead of bringing me closer, so I decided to pursue Fashion Design as another way to express my creativity. I had always been interested in historical costumes and textiles, especially from the 17th and 18th centuries. My journey led me to West Virginia for a costume internship with West Virginia Public Theatre, which eventually brought me to NYC. However, even though my plans to meet with the director of fashion at Liz Claiborne didn't materialize while there, I gained valuable insights into the skillsets that I needed to enter the fashion design world. I eventually found my way to Chicago, where I earned my BFA in Fashion Design at the Illinois Institute of Art.


oslo art gallery

Afterward, I embarked on a teaching career, initially in Chicago, then in San Diego and later at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Despite my successes, I still felt unsatisfied and knew I needed to explore my true passion for fine arts. In 2010, with a friend I co-founded the clothing company, International Citizen Design House, which eventually led me to LA.


Managing the company on top of a full-time job as a denim designer for 'Standards & Practices' in LA was challenging. Despite being a hard worker, I felt overwhelmed by the pressure and responsibilities. Unfortunately things didn't unfold as planned and in 2014, I decided to step away from the company. With $11 dollars left in my bank account and aware that my life needed to take a new direction, I decided to go back to my initial love: fine arts. At the time I supported myself as a freelancer in fashion and graphic design, painting after hours....most nights until 3AM. It was exciting but also stressful and the demands of my full time freelance work and late nights painting became too much to handle.


Despite the intensity of this time, I found ways to able to delve into self-realization and spiritual exploration, studying the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and other spiritual masters. This phase was crucial for my artwork as it allowed me to carry those concepts into my paintings.

In March 2018, I moved to Mt. Shasta to focus solely on painting and continue my spiritual inner work explorations. The time spent there was transformative, and I learned to love and respect myself, healing from the past and embracing the present. In 2019, I returned to the farm in Kansas to help my dad after my grandma's passing. Since then, I have continued to work on my personal growth and fine art. My artistic journey and unique combination of knowledge infuses an inventive richness into my creations. Inspired by the all-encompassing mystery and beauty of creation, I aim to express this cosmic dance within my art, resulting in what I refer to as 'sacred visions'. For these visions, I work with a wide array of mediums, including oil, charcoal, pastels, gold leaf, pressed flowers, and resin. My artwork is inspired by a deep-rooted curiosity, a love for learning, and a passion for experimentation. My admiration for the masters of the past serves as a foundation for exploring new and unique methods of bringing these sacred visions to life. With each piece, I hope to inspire the viewer to experience oneness with the powerful force of Love.




  • “Ninnescah Hometown Exhibition” Vernon Filley Art Museum, Pratt, KS. July 2023

  • "Visions of Mother Earth” Solo Exhibition, Midtown Gallery, Hutchinson, KS. May 2023

  • “Sky” Exhibition, Haven Art Gallery, Long Island, NY. Jan. 2023

  • “JM Collingwood Barn Exhibition, Pretty Prairie, Hutchinson, KS. Sept. 2022

  • “47th Annual at the Great Divide Art Festival and Exhibition, Breckenridge, CO. Sept. 2022

  • “Flora and Fauna” Vernon Filley Art Museum, Pratt, KS. Aug. 2022

  • “Small Wonders Exhibition” Birger Sandzen Memorial Art Gallery, Lindsborg, KS. June 2022

  • “The Dreams Among Us” POPS Performing Arts & Cultural Center, Dunsmuir, CA. Nov. 2021

  • “Ninnescah Art Exhibition” Vernon Filley Art Museum, Pratt, KS. Jan. 2021

  • “Illuminated” Siskiyou Arts Museum, Dunsmuir, CA. Feb. 2019

  • “Face to Face” Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, Thousand Oaks, CA. Aug. 2018

  • “Classical Art + Music Solo Exhibition” Beverly Hills, CA. Aug. 2017

  • “Arts Alive” Channel Island Studios, Camarillo, CA. May 2017

  • “Working Title” Group Exhibition - 3rd St. Art Gallery, Long Beach, CA. May 2017

  • “OCFW” Group Show - OC Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA. March 2017

  • “Queens” Group Show - Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. July 2016

  • “The Nocturne” Group Show - Yellow Rose Gallery, Madison, WI. Sept. 2015

  • “Adventure of Life” Solo Exhibition - CM Color Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Sept. 2014


  • “Archangel Ariel” Pastel on toned paper. Mt. Shasta, CA (Anca)

  • “Juno” Charcoal and gold leaf on paper. Cincinnati, OH (Jacquelyn)

  • “Deer Mother” Charcoal and gold leaf on paper. Mt. Shasta, CA (Anca)

  • “Divine Love and Abundance” Oil and gold leaf on wood panel. Encinitas, CA (Joe)

  • “Anahita” Oil and gold leaf on linen panel. London, England (Anahita)

  • “Keleey and the Blue Morphos” Oil and silverleaf on wood panel. Boston, MA (Ivana)

  • “Seasons of Skye” - (Collection of 4) Oil on panel w/ gold +silver leaf. Whitefish, MT (Skye)

  • “Alchemist Geisha” - Oil on Canvas. June 2017 (Adam)

  • “Mrs. Groves” - Charcoal on Bristol paper. August 2016 (Marie)

  • “Lucien” - Charcoal on Bristol paper. July 2016 (Lucien)

  • “Eternal Spring - The Goddess Alma” Watercolor, pastel + gold on board. Sept. 2015 (Marc)

  • “Swedish Fairytale” - Watercolor and pastel on Bristol. Sept. 2014 (Atilla)


  • “Intuitive Layered Watercolors 2” - Vernon Filley Art Museum .Pratt, KS Oct. 2021

  • “Intuitive Layered Watercolors

  • ” Pratt Country Club - presented by Vernon Filley Art Museum. Pratt, KS June 2021

  • “Luminous Portraiture - From Dark to Light” Vernon Filley Art Museum. Pratt KS Sept. 2020

Published Works

Boutiques & Gift Stores

  • Vernon Filley Museum Gift Shop, Pratt, KS. Sept. 2020 - Present

  • SAM (Siskiyou Arts Museum) Gift Shop, Dunsumir, CA. April 2019 - Present

  • Sacred Well, Dunsmuir, CA. April 2019

  • Le Galeriste (online), Montreal, Canada. Feb. 2019

  • Alex Sastoque Gallery, Bogota, Columbia. March 2018


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Illinois Institute of Art - Fashion Design. Chicago, IL 2003

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Bethany College - Oil Painting. Lindsborg, KS 2000


Private Collections:

  • “Flowers of Arcturus” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Wichita, KS

  • “Iris” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Chicago, IL

  • “Watergarden” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Chicago, IL

  • “Flowers of Venus” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Chicago, IL

  • “Mediterranean Dreaming” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Clearwater, KS

  • “Intuitive Watercolor Florals” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Kansas City, KS

  • “Anahita’s Garden” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Eugene, OR

  • “Garden of Delights” Watercolor and gold pen on paper. Eugene, OR

  • “Inanna- Queen of the Night” Oil and pressed flowers on panel with resin. Wichita, KS

  • “Kali’s Garden” Oil and pressed flowers on panel with resin. Encinitas, CA

  • “Persephone’s World” Oil and pressed flowers on panel with resin. Encinitas, CA

  • “Rose of Sophia” Oil and pressed flowers on panel with resin. Mt. Shasta, CA

  • “Anahita’s Abundance” Oil and pressed flowers on panel with resin. Mt. Shasta, CA

  • “Quest of Isis” Oil and pressed flowers on panel with resin. Mt. Shasta, CA

  • “The Visitor” Watercolor on paper with gold detail. Breckenridge, CO

  • “Golden Rapture” Charcoal and gold wax with cut paper flowers. Pratt, KS

  • “Green Heart” Oil on canvas. Chicago, IL

  • “Into the Sun” Oil on wood panel. Lawrence, KS

  • “Freedom” Oil and gold on wood panel. Langley, WA

  • “Eternal Spring” Oil on wood panel with pressed flowers and resin. Pratt, KS

  • “Love Birds” Oil and Gold on wood panel. Oakland, CA

  • “The Celestial Sovereign” Pastel on toned paper. Los Angeles, CA

  • “Archangel Gabriel” Pastel on toned paper . Mt. Shasta, CA

  • “Anastasia” Watercolor and pressed flowers on paper. Olathe, KS

  • “Stars of the Earth” Watercolor and gold leaf on paper. Olathe, KS

  • “Blossoming Abundance”. Pretty Prairie, KS

  • “Meadow of Stars” Oil on canvas. Scottsdale, AZ

  • “Akasha” Oil and gold leaf on panel. Mt. Shasta, CA

  • “Calm in the Chaos” Pastel + Indian Ink on paper. Mt. Shasta, CA

  • “Full Moon Blessings” Pastel on black paper. Longbranch, NJ

  • “Painted Lady” Watercolor and pastel. Edinburg, TX

  • “Summer Angel” Watercolor, pastel and rice paper. Edinburg, TX

  • “Golden Unknown” Pastel on black paper with gold powder. Los Angeles, CA

  • “Starlight Guide” Pastel on black paper. Athens, GA

  • “Waterfall Garden” Watercolor and gold pen detail. Kansas City, KS

  • “Return of the Cosmic Serpent” Pastel + Indian ink on paper. Long Beach, CA

  • “Golden Girl” - Watercolor and pastel on Bristol. Santa Monica, CA

  • “Veil of Illusion” - Watercolor and Pastel on Bristol. Ventura, CA

  • “Patterned Geisha” - Indian Ink and watercolor on Bristol. Manhattan Beach, CA

  • “Seasons of Skye” - (collection of 4) Oil on panel w/ gold +silver leaf. Whitefish, MT

  • “Alchemist Geisha” - Oil and gold leaf on canvas. Los Angeles, CA

  • “Pleiadian Queen” - Charcoal on Bristol. Camarillo, CA

  • “Viriditas - The Spring Queen” - Charcoal on Bristol. Camarillo, CA

  • “Study of Spring Queen” - Charcoal and gold powder on Bristol. Camarillo, CA

  • “Eternal Spring - The Goddess Alma” - Watercolor and mixed media on board. New York, NY

  • “Forgiveness” - Watercolor, charcoal and gold on Bristol. Houston, TX

  • “Swedish Fairytale” - Watercolor and pastel on Bristol. San Francisco, CA

  • “The Soulful Poet” - Charcoal and acetone on Bristol. Los Angeles, CA

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