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Kimberly Burnett


oslo art gallery

Kimberly Burnett is a remarkably talented artist and illustrator who is entirely self-taught. Her early years were spent in the tranquil foothills of North Carolina, where she was surrounded by lush forests and a diverse array of wildlife. From the young age of two, Kimberly discovered an innate passion for art, spending countless hours poring over every available art book at her local library while continuously refining her drawing skills. Her dedication and love for art have led her to become a distinguished artist, recognized for her exceptional talent and unique style.

Her current artistic style is heavily influenced by her admiration for the classical painters of Europe and their realistic approach. Due to her synesthesia, she perceives various emotions, melodies, recollections, and locations in distinct hues, which is evident in her vibrant depictions of individuals and inanimate objects. The natural world and the individuals who hold a special place in her heart are her primary sources of inspiration.




  •  30x30x30 Var Gallery Milwaukee WI 2021

  •  Catch the 22 MARN Milwaukee WI 2022

  •  MOWA Gift Shop 2022

  •  EXHIBITOUR 2022 Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art 2022

  •  BIG Little Art ShowPeninsula School of Art2022

  •  The Further We Reach, The Closer We SeeMARN2022

  •  Arts ElevatedRochester MN2023

  •  No StudiosMilwaukee2023

  •  Solo ShowEvanston Arts Center2023

  •  PerspectivesWVA2023

  •  BiennialTrout Museum of Art2023

  •  Acrylic2021

  •  Live Painting Brady Street Art FestivalOils2021

  •  Live Painting for Downtown Milwaukee BID 21Oils2021

  •  Mural for MATCOils2021

  •  Boat Design for Annual Riverkeepers ParadeSculpture, mixed media2021

  •  Mural for Fraser Mountain Mural FestivalAcrylic2022

  •  Live Painting for Art and Chalk FestMuseum of Wisconsin Art2022

  •  Chalk ArtChalk and Cheese Fest2022

  •  Portrait Series for MATC2023

  •  Nicolas LeBrun, 2017

  •  Various portraits for private clients



  •  Special Merit Award at the Miller Art Museum2023


  •  Private collections worldwide

  •  Var Gallery

  •  University of Illinois

  •  Milwaukee Area Technical College



  •  Taproot Magazine, 2013

  •  Triptych Poetiques



  •  Mural for Art LotAcrylic2020

  •  Mural for Thermo Fisher ScientificAcrylic2021

  •  Mural for Marcus Center for Performing Arts

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