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Keith Warne



Oslo art gallery

Greetings, my name is Keith, a contemporary artist originally from Southeast London and currently based in Windsor. When beginning a new painting, I typically do not have a preconceived notion in mind. Instead, I select my paint and materials based on my current emotional state. I enjoy experimenting with a diverse range of mediums to create texture and depth within my works.


My personal experiences serve as a significant source of inspiration, and I utilize art as a method of self-expression. Witnessing a new concept materialize on my canvas is an unparalleled sensation.

Irrespective of my emotional state, my paintings serve as a manifestation of my innermost feelings at any given point. The style of painting I employ affords me the liberty to express myself without limits, which has proven instrumental in maintaining my mental health during challenging periods.


Despite my lack of formal training in art, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge through self-dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to experiment and learn from my mistakes.



Exhibitions & Buyers

  • Meridiem Bar - Holborn. - August 2023, 6 pieces exhibited in order to finish the decor of a beautiful social spot in the centre of London

  • 2022 - I completed a collaboration with London Street artist Nathan Bowen. We created 2 pieces of work, both of which represented our own unique styles.

  • Solo Exhibition - July 2022 at the Bridgehouse Theatre, penge.  I showcased 10 pieces installed in a one night display of my work. 

  • The Hive Gallery in Westerham. 2 pieces exhibited.

  • Precision Auction House. 3 pieces of work on sale at a large online auction.

  • The Paxton Centre – Crystal Palace (2021) A month long display of around 20 of my paintings.

  • Jess Thacker’s “Summer of Love” Exhibition (2021). 1 piece of work displayed.

  • In 2021 I was asked to create a piece of art for 2x champion boxer Carl Frampton. It included his favourite image from his boxing career (his grandad wiping blood off of his face after winning a world title) and finished with My distinctive style. 

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