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Oslo art gallery

Jake Sheykhet



Oslo art gallery

Hailing from the bustling city of Denver, Colorado, Jake Sheykhet is a talented artist who has been deeply influenced by the cultural heritage of his Soviet Jewish immigrant parents. From a young age, he displayed a natural affinity for the arts, particularly drawing, and was encouraged by his parents to pursue his passion. Under the tutelage of Soviet art instructors, Jake received formal training that would shape his artistic style and inform his creative process for years to come. Despite this instruction, Jake considers himself primarily self-taught, as his early experiences and personal exploration have been integral to his development as an artist.

Jake's art is deeply influenced by his Soviet and Jewish heritage, which has significantly impacted his creative expression. He draws inspiration from the renowned Soviet film director, Tarkovsky, whose techniques and storytelling style he incorporates into his own works. This influence is noticeable in his use of symbolism and imagery, which reflect the deeper significance of the Jewish tradition.


One of the most prominent elements of Jake's art is the use of gold, which creates a shimmering effect reminiscent of Eastern Orthodox icons. This technique is inspired by his Jewish roots, where gold is often used to convey spiritual significance. In fact, his creative process is infused with the Kabbalah, a collection of Jewish mystical writings that imbue his craft with a spiritual dimension.

Oslo art gallery

Jake's approach to his craft is intuitive and associative, allowing him to explore concepts and ideas dynamically. He utilizes his cultural background as a constant source of inspiration, incorporating his Soviet and Jewish heritage into every piece he creates. Through his works, Jake pays homage to the rich cultural heritage that has influenced his artistic vision and expression, showcasing the beauty and complexity of his cultural identity.


Jake has a deep appreciation for the arts, and he draws inspiration for his own creative endeavors from a variety of sources. His passion for poetry and art history has enriched his artistic reservoir, and he often finds himself inspired by the verses of his favorite poets, such as Rumi, Edith Sodergran, and Joseph Brodsky. These poets have illuminated his artistic path, providing him with the initial spark of an artwork that he can then develop and refine.

In his leisure time, Jake enjoys immersing himself in art documentaries, which allow him to explore the world of visual art in depth. While he does not have a solitary favorite visual artist, he is particularly drawn to the brushstrokes of European post-impressionist and modernist painting. These styles have had a significant influence on his own artistic creations, which are characterized by their bold use of color and texture.


Jake's artistic expression is also deeply influenced by a variety of other cultural traditions. For example, he draws from the intricate designs of Islamic book art, the vibrant colors of Mesoamerican polychrome sculpture, and the elegant simplicity of Japanese calligraphy. These diverse influences have contributed to the multilayered essence of his artistic expression, which is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.




  • Brown University, Providence, RI— BA in Architecture & Art History,  May 2021 - PRESENT MEDIA


  • SoloS - 10th International Solo Exhibition -  2023


  • New York Fashion Week - 2018 ArtHeartsFashion

  • Art Basel Miami - 2022

  • Artemis Artists Launch HMVC Gallery Freestyle NY - 2023

  • Art Shown on Times Square Screen D’art Gallery - 2023

  • Spot on #4 KBM Art Gallery - 2023

  • Show Off Your Art NFT NYC - 2022

  • Gotham Magazine & DIG VIP Event Illuminated Faces -2023

  • Judaica 2023 by Brown RISD Hillel

  • RISD Brown Hillel End of Year Show - 2023

  • Southern Tier Center-2023 Making Waves: Waterscapes

  • AVA Art Center Harvest Exhibtion - 2023

  • Future Shape 360 - 2022 Featured artist for the wallet airdrop

  • Art List Center (Brown University) — 2022

  • The Leo House — 2019-2021

  • History Colorado Center — 2019



  • Breckenridge August Art Festival — 2021

  • Denver Summer Art Market— 2017, 18, 19, 23

  • Colorado Art & Music Festival— 2021


  • Fashion Baby (fashion brand featured in Vogue, WWD, & HighSnobiety)— Collaborator,  Designed and implemented ad campaign

  • October 2022 -  January 2023

  • Mission Viejo Elementary — Art Instructor

  • February 2019 -  May 2021

  • Artistic Fox Studios — Instructor

  • December 2018 -  2019

  • Illuminated Faces - Judaica by Brown RISD Hillel - Curator

  • February - April 2023


  • Mission Viejo Mural  - November 2020-May 2021

  • Grandview Mural- March -August 2021

  • Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum - Exhibit Designer - September 2018 - March 2019

  • 80 Fabrics Around the World - Created Installation, Exhibit Designer- September 2021 - May 2022

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