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Jaime Caba



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His very personal work, with an expressionist imprint, offers us a spatial composition of planes, transverse lines, shapes and transparencies built with light that deconstructs color in shades of slight tones that graduate the luminosity; at first glance they seem abstract but in reality it is the representation of something that is materialized, humanized and internalized. Jaime Caba owns an abstract dialoger, connected with the figurative, with the image, with the word, an emerging artist with a great expressive maturity, who has always made use of creative freedom, without limitations or ties, free of tendencies and artifices, that creative freedom is precisely what gives authenticity to his work.


He began from a very young age, drawing and painting stimulated his creativity that years later would lead him to explore other means of expression such as photography and the foray into new technologies with which he was fascinated by the infinite possibilities that it could offer art. In 2009, he began to work intensively in digital art with his Sony mobile phone, but his path as an artist began in 2015 after graduating in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid.


Despite his youth, Jaime Caba has an intense artistic career, with national and international exhibitions, with a wide multidisciplinary production, of avant-garde ruptures and committed to his time where literature is also present.

Jaime's Statement 


"I never imagined that drawing, which has always accompanied me, since I learned to pick up a pencil, would lead me to what today is my existential way of life. Drawing has led me to painting, then to photography and digital art, means that have allowed me to achieve my purposes such as creative expression and the great pleasure of exploration. My technique, which has never renounced the traditional, has expanded to the use of new technologies by developing new resources of peculiar and atypical characteristics such as color infiltration thanks to angles of light and shadow. Clear example: "Ulises" (2016).


Currently, I find myself hooked on the method of expression and management of the events with which I process reality. I work with images, which I extract from my own personal file stored in my head and that time has been collecting, there I find references of my experiences and evolution that allow me to feel part of a world that was completely unknown to me but that is currently my greatest reference of my home or even my own spiritual refuge.


For me, art is the connection with the whole, it lets what I have inside flow, it is also a way of being honest with myself... like an abstract that opens its expressionist vein to others."

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