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Hitesh Gilder




Hitesh Gilder is a versatile individual with a wide range of talents, having established himself in the domains of business, art, and entrepreneurship. His inclination towards the world of design has led him to explore the realm of art, where he has created a plethora of captivating pieces that resonate with his audiences. With a wealth of experience in metal casting and the usage of various metals through his hardware business, Hitesh has been able to leverage his expertise to excel in the niche of sculpting. Given his proficiency in the field, it was a natural progression for him to explore this art form.

oslo art gallery

Hitesh possesses an ardent passion for the craft of working with stainless steel, which he perceives as a challenging medium to master. Nevertheless, he finds the luster and finish of the metal to be unparalleled. Despite his initial foray into sculpting, he has since transitioned to painting with a distinctive twist. The hallmark of his style lies in the incorporation of stainless steel into his works, which imparts a modern aesthetic that is truly exceptional. His artwork typically comprises of large, textured paintings that are elegantly balanced with sensuously curved stainless steel appliques, resulting in a breathtaking visual experience.


Alongside his paintings, Hitesh has gained considerable recognition for his 3D pop art sculptures that feature a fusion of various comic book and pop culture icons, seamlessly amalgamated into a perfect harmony. One of his noteworthy creations pays homage to the rich history of The New Yorker, presented in a dynamic pop collage format.

Hitesh attributes his artistic freedom to his upbringing in Mumbai, a metropolis located in close proximity to the sea, which offers infinite inspiration from nature. He firmly believes that nature, due to its perpetual state of change and versatility, serves as the ultimate source of inspiration. As such, his artwork exalts the fluidity of organic forms, natural shapes, and curves.

Selected Exhibitions & Events

  • 2009 Jehangir Art Gallery

  • 2009 Kalavishkaar

  • 2010 New Jersey, USA

  • 2010 Group Show at Tulika Art Gallery

  • 2011 & 2012 - Wassup Andheri

  • 2011 India Art Fair, Mumbai

  • 2012 India Art Fair Mumbai

  • 2012 Mumbai - Artists Anonymous

  • 2012 Mantra Art Gallery Solo Show, Ahmedabad

  • 2013 Aura Art Show at Jehangir. Group Show.

  • 2013 India Art Festival, Mumbai

  • 2013 Tao Art Gallery Anniversary Show

  • 2014 Group Show in Dubai (De Art Xpert)

  • 2014 & 2015 Index Fair, Mumbai

  • 2014 Group Show at Dimension Art Gallery

  • 2015 India Art Fair with Tao Gallery and Aura Art Gallery

  • 2016 Affordable Art Show in Singapore

  • 2016 Group Show at Tao Art Gallery

  • 2016 India Art Festival with Art Zolo and In Masters Corner

  • 2016 Tao Art Group Show

  • 2016 Group Show at Dimension Art Gallery

  • 2017 Group Show at Dimension Art Gallery

  • 2018 India Art Fair Display at Bombay Art Society

  • 2019 Studio Paradise Show in Delhi

  • 2019 Solo Show at Jehangir Art Gallery

  • 2020 India Art Festival

  • 2021 show at Monalisa Kalagram, Pune with the

  • 2022 India Art Festival with

  • 2022 & 2023 Festival of Architecture & Interior in Mumbai with Studio Paradise

  • 2022 & 2023 079 Stories, Ahmedabad

  • 2022 & 2023 Galerie Art Eterne, Delhi

  • 2022 Show with Charcoal Project and The

  • 2022 Acetech exhibition

  • 2022 India Art Festival Delhi with The

  • 2022 Monalisa Kalagram, Pune with The

  • 2023 April 23 New York ArtExpo

  • 2023 Group Show in Delhi Art Positive

  • 2023 Group Show in Gallery Veda

  • 2023 Group Show at The Curator Art

  • 2023 Group Show in Delhi with Khushi Foundation

  • 2023 - 3 Group Show in Designera

  • 2023 Mumbai Art Fair with The

  • 2023 Fair at Taj Palace with Lexicon

oslo art gallery
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