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Henry Rodriguez


oslo art gallery

Henry Rodriguez is a practicing lawyer who also has a prolific career as an artist. His artistic oeuvre boasts a collection of nearly 200 works, which are characterized by their vivid use of color and contrast, achieved through the application of acrylic paint, molding pastes, and iron. Rodriguez’s artistic style is diverse, combining both abstract and figurative elements. His works have found their way into private collections in prominent cities across the globe, including New York, Miami, London, Brussels, Seoul, Panama City, and San Jose.


Rodriguez’s artistic endeavors have also garnered recognition through his participation in several exhibitions and shows, such as "Un Mundo Particular", organized by Real Art 4 Good, "Desde mi Ventana" organized by Prisma Internacional, the "Art For Change International Biennial" in Celaya, Mexico, and the "Unamos Culturas" project, which commemorated the 600th anniversary of the city of Lodz, Poland.

"In my work, I pay close attention to every aspect and ensure that nothing is left to chance. Every decision and action I take is deliberate and purposeful. I believe that by being intentional, I can achieve the best possible outcome and deliver high-quality work that meets or exceeds expectations. So, I take great care in planning, executing, and reviewing my work to ensure that everything is aligned with the goals and objectives at hand."

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