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Halit Demirel




the inward seeking of eternity


Halit Demirel is a visionary artist whose work is deeply rooted in the exploration of the human condition. His primary focus lies in the concept of seeking eternal life within oneself, a theme that is intricately woven into his art. Demirel's attention to detail is nothing short of remarkable, as he employs a meticulous approach to his craft on both a large and small scale. He uses a lens to achieve a high level of precision, which allows him to create works that are as small as 1x1cm, yet still convey a powerful message. 


Despite the small size of some of his pieces, Demirel maintains a level of sensitivity and attention to detail that is both impressive and captivating. His larger works are no exception, with each frame displaying intricate and intense details that draw the viewer in and invite them to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Black and white are the primary colors employed by Demirel, and he uses them to create a surface that reveals fine details through overlapping layers. This technique adds depth and complexity to his works, further enhancing their ability to convey deeper meaning and insight. 


In short, Halit Demirel's art is a testament to the power of self-discovery and a celebration of the human spirit. His works are a true reflection of his exceptional talent and his unwavering commitment to his craft. Whether viewed up close or from afar, Demirel's art is a feast for the eyes and soul, offering a glimpse into the infinite possibilities that exist within all of us.


Halit Demirel is a highly skilled artist hailing from Istanbul, Turkey. He received his education in the Department of Painting at Marmara University's esteemed Faculty of Fine Arts, where he honed his craft and developed his unique artistic vision. Currently, he operates from his personal atelier located in the heart of Istanbul, where he continues to create stunning works of art that have captured the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide.


Halit Demirel's artistic creations have garnered a global reach, with his works being present in private collections across various countries, including America, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Switzerland. His passion, talent, and dedication to his art have made him a highly respected and sought-after artist in the international art scene.

Selected Exhibitions & Events

  • Erimtan Museum of Archeology and Art (2023)

  • Maçka Art Gallery (2022)

  • Kairos Art Gallery (2022)

  • Bilgi University / Santral Istanbul (2022)

  • Contemporary Istanbul (2022)

  • Artweeks / Akaretler (2022)

  • FAP (2021)

  • ARK Culture (2020)

  • Artweeks / Akaretler (2020)

  • Open workshop days / Maslak AOS (2019)

  • Art Ankara, ARTfair / Ankara (2019)

  • Gamma Gallery (2019)

  • GX Gallery / LONDON (2019)

  • Contemporary Istanbul (2018)

  • 3rd International 9th Street Workshop / Maslak AOS (2018)

  • Istanbul summer exhibition, Antrepo 5, Karaköy (2011)

  • Almelek Art Gallery (2007)

  • Shipyard Art Activities / Tuzla (2007)

  • Almelek Art Gallery (2006)

  • Naval Museum/Istanbul (2005)

  • Ortakoy Art Gallery (2000)

  • M.U.G.S.F. Hall Exhibition (1998)

  • Tüyap, Young Event “Chaos” (1997)

  • Kadıköy Street Exhibition (1995)

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