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Giuseppe Pastore

Giuseppe Pastore 



Giuseppe Pastore

Giuseppe Pastore was born in Cosenza on November 21, 1980, and currently resides in Rende. During his middle and high school years, he studied Artistic Education and the History of Art with some interest, but it wasn't until later in life that he discovered his own creativity.


After completing scientific studies and a three-year degree in Physics, he began painting in a self-taught manner at the age of thirty.


In September 2010, during a difficult time in his life, he stumbled upon an old canvas from his sister's art school and started painting for the first time. Painting quickly became a necessary outlet for him, and he began experimenting with both acrylic and oil colors. His drive to create new and original compositions keeps him continuously inspired.

In his experimental period, the artist developed new painting techniques using DIY tools. He created four techniques, three of which were original, to explore new effects on the canvas. His abstract research aimed to achieve visually striking results that aligned with his initial ideas. The artist's creative process was often spontaneous and gestural.


His works can be classified into five distinct groups based on technique. The artist's goal was to master the techniques and constantly perfect the final result, innovating with a scientific approach.

Giuseppe Pastore

The works of the artist during the early stages of their career often share a common thread - an inherent desire to explore infinity, be it in the form of numbers or space. This is frequently depicted through the use of repetitive and uniform markings on the canvas, which serve to highlight the artist's preoccupation with the concept of boundlessness.



Abstract art, in many ways, serves as a means of escape from the harsh realities of life. It provides the artist with a platform to channel their innermost emotions and create images that not only reflect their inner turmoil but also transform it into something beautiful. Anxiety, in particular, plays a crucial role in driving this creative process, as the artist endeavors to convert the struggles and discomforts of their daily life into a work of art that can be appreciated by all.




  • August 2022, Urgenze astratte.

  • October 2020, Geni comuni VII Edizione.

  • December 2018. 1st edizione Biennale della Calabria citra.

  • August 2017. 1st edizione della biennale della Sibaritide.

  • March 2017. Turin 2017 Home Expo.

  • August 2016, Expo Belsito 2016. Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Culture.

  • September 2015, The Electra Fire, Competition of Contemporary Art and Culture. 

  • September 2015, Face Festival.

  • August 2015, "2nd City of Rossano selection exhibition" for participation in the
    “11th International Art Biennial of Rome 2016”

  • August 2015, Competition 'VENI, VIDI, DIPINSI... ROGLIANO'

  • June 2015, 'Radice' competition.

  • April 2015, “Ermes” national painting prize – II^ Edition.

  • August 2014, Vertical horizons.



  • 2022, The World of Interiors Magazine- Artistic impressions

  • 2018, BiCc 2018, ROMANO editions.- International Biennial of Calabria citra.

  • 2015, Liqmag- Root

  • 2015, Liqmag- The Fire of Electra​​

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