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Giovanni Sanesi


Giovanni Sanesi

Giovanni Sanesi was born in Florence on May 24, 1992. From an early age, he felt the need to express himself in various fields such as painting, video, and photography.


At the age of 11, he was the protagonist of an exhibition organized by the Municipality of Prato and the Luigi Pecchi Center, which immediately brought him to the attention of some journalists who decided to dedicate some articles to him.

After meeting and exchanging various important art references, he graduated from the Art Institute of Porta Romana of Florence.

He trained in many artists' studios for about ten years, deepening his painting and increasingly linking his theme to the human being.


At the same time, he continued his studies in Philosophy and immediately began his career as a painter by participating in various national and international competitions

Giovanni Sanesi

Artist Statement

"I choose what I paint from my extensive daily video-photographic documentation. Documenting every event and painting it afterward - sticking to the figurative - allows me to create an objective reflection and an objective narrative on the theme.


My painting mixes voluminous resins, acrylics, oil, and digital paint on large canvases. I chose this format because I like to feel as tiny as a mosquito while I enter the scene that I paint and show, and I would like this feeling to be felt by those who look at my works.

Giovanni Sanesi

My work is quite anthropological: for me, the artist is a seismograph that captures the fluctuations of his time in advance.


I document the world I see through the magnifying glass of social relations. For me, the painting tells the world as it evolves:


The painting demonstrates the new post-pandemic society (a society characterized by a more profound interconnection),


The new sensitivity to the planet, the new non-binary gender consciousness, and the new augmented technology.


I think that my interest in these themes came out during my childhood. I grew up in a large family (17 brothers) where I experienced the strength of sociability and the attention to the difference.


As I grew up, I developed the urgency of telling it through my art, defining my role as an artist."



  • 2022. 36 International Agorà Gallery Chelsea of New York - call collective exhibition

  • 2021 Personal exhibition "INTRAVISIONI" Textile Museum Sala Campolmi curated by Saretto Cincinelli and Mirco Marino 

  • 2020 National MUSEUM of Modern Art - Rome

  • 2018 Art residency with chiara Bettazzi and Francesco Banci for TAI

  • 2017 Collective- Contemporary Dubai

  • 2016 Collective ARTISTS under 35 Luigi Pecci center for contemporary art

  • Collective 2015 ART FOR RESEARCH Palazzo Guinigi -Lucca with: Maranghi, Staccioli, Stella and Lazzeri.

  • Biennale BJCM young of the Mediterranean

  • 7 * Artelaguna edition of Venice- (Venice Biennale under 35)

Giovanni Sanesi

Currently, works between Italy and USA.

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