Free Evaluation

You might need to review some points you missed from your art profile.

Many new artists do not notice what mistakes they have on their accounts, yet they still wonder about their growth performance.


Instagram is a diversion of probabilities. 
Perfection does not exist, but increasing the odds is the demand.
A single 
error can have a significant impact on your art account. 
Moreover, it can leave you far behind!​


To succeed in this challenge for the long term, you need to ensure that all the essential elements are 100% correct.


And that is just the primary step!

the best art hashtags for abstract art

Lukman, Boy with a broken finger.

The Profile Picture

Many artists using their artwork or logo instead of their self-picture as a profile picture.
Instagram is not a marketplace literally, and if you, as an artist, will approach it from this point, you might get disappointed from the results.

It is more of a
socialized platform, meaning people on Instagram expect to discover, engage with, and interact with other people with no attention to buy anything.



To sell art on Instagram or anywhere, you need to keep in mind that art collectors only buy from artists they know and have been following for a long time. This means you need to consider introducing showing yourself to earn their trust and to
establish a real connection.

So if you don't have a self-picture, how can you proceed further?

how to attract art followers on Instagra

The Bio

Instagram gives each user 150 characters to use on their biography. Is that random?


As an artist, you need to learn how to become a storyteller. Suppose you have no attractive biography describing you as an artist to show to your art visitors and followers. Then, what is the differential between you and other artists on Instagram?


On social media, the persona is everything. Art followers or visitors in general will start by studying and searching for art influencers. 



To position yourself as an art influencer and get more art followers and visitors on Instagram, it would be best to write a unique bio describing your inspiration or the reason behind this driven passion. That is an easy task for creative artists.

Johann Nußbächer, Untitled

The Language

Many artists write their bio and their website in their local language. Regional language is good to increase the engagement level in a few cases, but suppose your goal is to be a world-famous artist! Using local or specific language will restrict your art sales and slow your growth.

As an artist, you need to assume that the vast majority of your art followers on Instagram will be from all over the world. As such, English is the best language to build communications and relationships.

English is lingua franca from before and, nowadays, it should be the only language to use for any professional and business communication, including art.





best art hashtags for abstract on instagram

Ewa Matyja, untitled

The Username 

Maybe the first thing to do when you sign up with Instagram is to think about the correct username. Luckily, Instagram gives you the option to change it whenever you want.

As an artist, you need to use your full name as a username for your art followers and visitors. Later, you will use it as a branded art hashtag for your art account. Please read more about the importance of the branded art hashtag. 

Get Instagram art followers as an artist

Luca Brandi, Love of my life

The Artwork

As an artist, you need to consider yourself as a marketing manager who is working for your art. The truth is that Artists bear the full responsibility for their artwork to succeed on Instagram.

If you cannot promote or position your artwork correctly to your Art followers on Instagram, you might lose your position and lose their support too. As such, as an art creator, only you know how to precisely display your artwork on Instagram and make it charming for your art followers and any new visitors.


Maintaining excitement among your art followers is much more challenging than seeking new ones. As they say, making money is hard, but to save it is the real challenge.

the exclusive best art hashtags

Leopoldo Innocenti, Along the Riverside.

The Art Hashtags

Choosing related art hashtags which match your art style and your engagement level is the first and most crucial step to success in marketing yourself as an artist on Instagram.

It is possible to reach the correct audience interested in your artwork and guide them to your art profile. However, using only popular and famous art hashtags is not an advantage!

Without combining the correct art hashtags based on their level, this is a wrong approach. 
And it's a common mistake among the artists on Instagram. Moreover, it is just wasting time and materials.

Every artist is different, starting from the art techniques that they use, their form of expression, and their persona. The same applies to art followers. They don't follow random artists when it comes to art; everyone knows what type of art they like.

Read more on how to choose the correct art hashtags based on your engagement level at the exclusive art hashtags program.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Best time to post on Instagram - yes, this is essential.

It means the best hour to get the most benefits from the engagement and jumpstart your post on art hashtags and your art followers' feed, which leads to more visibility, impressions, and profile visitors.

There are many rules, but the easiest one is to navigate to the insights, then audiences, and finally, the countries. Then, you can check where the vast majority of your art followers are coming from. It might help to examine the best timing to post on the location. Still, this alone is not 100% sufficient.

Others are trying to analyze the post content and the psychology triggers behind it

When, why, what, and how.