The secrets of the Instagram algorithm

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You might need to review some details you missed to position yourself as a professional artist on Instagram.

Many new artists do not indicate what mistakes they have on their accounts, yet they still wonder about their growth performance.

Instagram is a diversion of probabilities. 
Perfection does not exist, but increasing the odds is the demand.
A single error has a significant impact on your art account. 
Moreover, it can leave you far behind.

To succeed in this challenge for the long term, you need to ensure that all the essential elements are 100% correct.


And that is just the primary step!

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The Picture Profile

​Many artists using their artwork or any logo instead of their self-picture as a profile picture.
Instagram is not a marketplace literally, and if you, as an artist, will approach it from this point, you might get disappointed from the results.

It is more into a socialized platform, meaning people on Instagram expecting to discover, engage, and interact with other people with no attention to buy anything.

To sell on Instagram or anywhere. Keep in mind that people buy only from someone they know, like, and trust.

Meaning you need to consider introducing showing yourself to earn fame, admiration, and trust.

So if you don't have a self-picture, how do you proceed further?

how to attract art followers on Instagra

The Bio

Instagram giving each user 150 characters to use on Bio. Is that random?

If you are an artist and you have no story to tell your art visitors and followers. Then what is the differential between you and them?

Art followers or visitors, in general, studying and searching for leaders, 
to position yourself as an art influencer and get more art followers and visitors on Instagram, you should build a unique bio describing your artwork's techniques and uniqueness.

The Language

We recognize that some local businesses operate their Instagram accounts to target local audiences using a regional language.

But at the same time, they use international hashtags.

Suppose your goal to be a world-famous artist! Using the local or specific language will restrict and slow your growth, and it might damage your engagement rate for the long term.

As an artist, You need to assume that the vast majority of your art followers will be from all over the world. 
English is the proper language to build communications and relationships.

English is lingua franca from before and more nowadays, and it should be the only language to use for any professional and business communication encluding the art.


How to Become a professional artist on Instagram.

The Username 

Maybe the first thing on Instagram is to think about the correct username. Luckily, Instagram is giving you the option to change it whenever you want.

Because it is hard and consumes a lot of time, finding the perfect username without dots or underscores, 
might take forever.

As an artist, you need to seed your username inside the art followers and visitors.
To do that, consider a very short, easily rememberable username.

And from the technical perspective, you should avoid dots and underscores. 
It might affect your username visibility on the Instagram search engine.


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The Artwork

Artists bear the full responsibility for their artwork to succeed or to fail.

As an artist, you need to consider yourself as a marketing manager working for your art.
If you cannot promote or position your artwork correctly to your Art followers on Instagram, you might lose your position and lose them.

As an art creator, only you should know how to precisely display your artwork on Instagram and make it charming for your art followers or any new visitor.

Maintaining your exciting Art followers is much more challenging than seeking for new.

As they say, making money is hard, but to save it is the challenge.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Best time to post on Instagram, yes, it is essential.

It means the best hour to get the most beneficial from the engagement and jumpstart your post on the art hashtags and your art followers' feed,
Which leads to more visibility, impression, and profile visitors.

There are many rules, but the easiest one is to navigate to the insights, then audiences, and finally, the countries.

Then to check where the vast majority of the Art followers are coming from.
It might help to examine the best timing to post on the location.
Still, it is not 100% sufficient.

Others are trying to analyze the post content, and the psychology triggers behind it.

When, why, what, and how.

how to grow art followers on Instagram

To Improve

If you've done with the primary points above, but still looking to improve your art account faster with more Art followers, visitors, and engagement.
Or even to start selling your art on Instagram.

Then you need help and guide from an expert or agency.

Is it only by posting art, adding the perfect art hashtags that match your profile, or trying to promote your artwork on Instagram, and Facebook will give the wanted results?

You might as an artist knew the answer previously, assuming you already tried. 
Otherwise, you are not reading this.

the truth is, 
Instagram marketing is an art, and similar to any other skill, without unique advanced techniques, formulas, and the psychology methods make you just an amateur on Instagram marketing.

And the difference between an amateur and a professional is always the result based on actions.
Random activities will bring unexpected results.

So, where to start?

I can help you achieve the wanted results using the same methods I applied to
@ArtRewards and many other artists, brands, and influencers accounts.

As a first step, try to fill the form below to give a clear idea about your account's history, the current status, and the estimated monthly budget.

Based on your answers, we can structure the proper method to match your expectations and improve your Instagram profile to increase your art followers, visitors, engagement faster, and preparing it to start selling art on Instagram.

Everything has an opportunity mark.

What are you trying to improve?
Vast sales come from?
Estimated monthly budget
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Luca Brandi, Artist 


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Is not just a fast money catching company.
Got very good tips, very fast communication.
Also, the quality of followers is very good.
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Jordi Aguilar, Artist 


IYAD is an outstanding marketing and social network person, capable of developing business and engagement at high standards. The kind of guy who convinces via questions and makes you reflect on his observations. It’s a pleasure to work with him!

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Bernard C. Meyers, Artist 


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Thor Rosland, Fashion Model


I’ve been consulted and mentored by IYAD for about eight months. With his knowledge and guidance, he has helped me increase my social media reach by 1400%. just by getting into the dept of how the marketing business works at the different social media platforms—Times, audience, hashtags, when, what, how - and so forth. I am truly grateful. Thor

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I have worked with IYAD for 1,5 years on both improving my Instagram presence and designing my website. Always fast and competent response and advice. I could not be more satisfied and can easily recommend to anyone working seriously on social media platforms.

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Pole Fit Dubai, Aerial Arts Academy


We’ve been working with IYAD since April 2019, and he helped us a lot to set up and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram, which helped us bring new customers to our dance studio. He’s very professional and always eager to provide the right advice to choose the right strategy.

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Sonia Sheikh, Fashion Influencer


There are so many different services out there but I would never change it to any other because I feel I get the exact help I need from IYAD. I also get tips on things I need to know when there is something I should consider to make my account grow. I appreciate that and the honesty of what I should do better. It is also important to trust since I'm giving IYAD access to my accounts. But I don't regret trusting IYAD at all. I have never felt uncomfortable. Always super helpful and fast replies.