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Frédéric Martin



Frédéric Martin

Born in 1964, passionate about drawing and painting from an early age, Frédéric Martin was received at the age of twelve at the town hall of Paris, where he was awarded his first drawing prize.


Afterward, from 1979 to 1984, he studied at the Ecole
National Superior of Applied Arts and
Crafts of Paris.

Upon leaving ENSAAMA in 1984, his former Professor Louis Bercut (decorator and costume designer at the Comédie Française) entrusts him with the production of the poster of “La Vie Parisienne” by J. Offenbach, then he created a fresco of 54m2 for the film “La Signature” directed by Noël Drouzy in 1986 for the DGA.


Artist Statement

"Painting, painting the being, trying to reach the soul… In my painting, sacred and secular permanently coexist, and human is the link between these two worlds where there are no borders.


My artwork is humane beyond restrictive divisions and authoritative limits. Sacred can turn secular and secular into holy without ever being provocative. My visual approach, rooted in the tradition of painting, is resolutely contemporary outside the fashion and even out of time.


For me, each artwork is an experience and an end in itself. To paint is facing the void, seizing the moment, creating a world without getting lost on the way, and trying to brush against angels. To paint is pushing through matter with the mark and the imprint of a gesture. It is transforming the chaos of existence into a work of art. To paint is to master and transform incidental into visible, between the illusion and the truth to grasp mystery.


It tries to reach the work of art where matter and style transcend the act to trigger emotion.




Pictorial participates in many artistic events and develops personal exhibitions.


Subsequently, large groups such as DMC (Dolfus Mieg & Cie), COLAS, SOPEXA, OFIMER, FLO Group, and DISNEY are all partners who entrust him with creating posters, books, visual identities, murals, drawings, and illustrations.


For several years, he has devoted himself exclusively to his work. He did many creations of graphics for cultural events in collaboration with the cities of Paris, Bar-le-Duc, Montreuil-Sur-Mer, and Verdun. At the same time, he developed a more confidential personal pictorial work, a kind of diary.

Frédéric Martin
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